FREE Summer Art Workshop for Kids Aged 6-12 years old

FREE Summer Art Workshop for Kids Aged 6-12 years old

The best things in life are free! I saw this from sir Richard Mamuyac’s post and I am sharing it with you my dear readers!
Attention: Mommy and Daddy, Aunt and Uncle, Grandpa and Grandma.
Do you have a child aged 6-12 years old who loves art? Loves to doodle or paint?

You might want to enroll them to an art workshop this summer to improve their talent. How much is the fee? Nada, ‘coz it is absolutely FREE!

Junior Inquirer, together with Tang, will hold a FREE Cartoon Sketching Summer workshop for kids this May 4, 2013 at the PDI Multi-Purpose area in Makati City.

The session will be facilitated by Inquirer Arts and JI resident cartoonist Steph Bravo in two batches:
First batch: 9am-12nn 
Second batch: 1:00pm-4pm

To register, please email the following to with the subject “Junior Inquirer Summer Workshop”not later than April 30, 2013.
  • your child’s name
  • age
  • complete address
  • contact details 
  • preferred batch 
Slots are limited and are on a first-come, first served basis so hurry and register now!

SHANG CINEPLEX: Free Movies Schedule

SHANG CINEPLEX: Free Movies Schedule

Want to relax but doesn’t have the money to pay for a movie pass? Worry no more! You can now watch movies for free. Last January 22, 2013 I wrote about the Free Movies in Shangri-La Edsa sponsored by Shangri-La Plaza together with ADMU’s Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese
Studies & Confucius Institute, Credit Suisse and Ateneo Celadon
present cinephiles’ most awaited 2013 Spring Film Festival from February
1 to 10, 2013 at the Shang Cineplex with free admission!

The Movies

  • Piano in a Factory: A man goes to unusual lengths to prove
    his love for his daughter in this family drama. Chen Guilin is a man who
    loves music and plays accordion in an amateur band, but Chen can’t
    support himself on what he makes as a musician, and his job in a steel
    mill isn’t about to make him rich. Now his wife, Xiao Ju, returns home
    to file a formal divorce, as well as custody of their daughter. To
    retain his daughter, he must give her a piano. Chen exhausts all means:
    borrowing money from his friends and even attempting to steal a piano,
    but all his attempts fail. Despite these challenges, Chen always
    maintains an optimistic outlook. Finally, he decides to produce a steel
    piano with his friends.
  • Storm Warriors: An epic battle is played out by warriors
    harnessing the power of the elements in this effects-laden fantasy
    /action drama Hong Kong film. The brave Lord Nameless is the leader of a
    band of heroic warriors. Lord Godless, his nemesis, captures Nameless
    in a daring raid, imprisons his soldiers and takes control of his land.
    As things look hopeless, three of Nameless’s allies set out to free him:
    Cloud (Aaron Kwok), Wind (Ekin Cheng) and Chu Chu (Yan Tang). As Cloud
    absorbs what he’s learned from Nameless and Wind is tutored in combat by
    Wicked, can they fend off Godless and his cronies?
  • Golden Times: Fueling China’s economic boom is the mass
    migration of workers from the countryside to cities. This leaves a
    special population of 58 million ‘left-behind children’ in the care of
    their old, and mostly illiterate grandparents. What should have been
    carefree years for these children can only be characterized by weariness
    from studying and burdensome farm work. Teacher Fang and police officer
    Sun Dayang realize that the affections and instructions of parents
    during the early years are irreplaceable. Getting support from the local
    government, they set up a “Home for Left-Behind Children,” which helps
    the kids from this population attain a healthy and loving environment in
    the hands of the community.
  • Jasmine Women: Starring Zhang Ziyi (House of Flying Daggers),
    Joan Chen and Jiang Wen, Jasmine Women tells the story of one family’s
    struggle to overcome its tragic history, as each daughter repeats the
    mistakes of her mother. Director Hou Yong sets his film in the 1930’s,
    50’s and 80’s against the backdrop of an ever-changing Shanghai and
    tells the stories of Mo, Li and Hua, which when translated to English
    together means Jasmine Flower.
  • 2Become1: Bingo Leung, an advertising executive, has always
    lived a carefree life that includes guarding her turf in the office,
    dating, and gossiping with her three girlfriends. One day, she finds a
    lump in her left breast. Everything begins to fall apart as she tries to
    cope with the loss of femininity in a series of bittersweet events.
    With the help of a happy-go-lucky Doctor V and a shy but talented
    teenager Sing, Bingo begins to find new meanings in her turmoil and the
    will to face her own demons.
  • Space Dream: The son of a peasant family, Zhang Tiancong (Liu
    Zhibing) is a veteran member of the first generation of Chinese
    astronauts but, now in his 40s, has yet to be selected for a space
    mission. Meanwhile, his family, including his daughter and ace military
    pilot Siyu (Jiang Ruijia), continues to support his quickly fading
    dream. Tiancong’s last shot is a mission is of exceptional importance;
    it involves docking spaceship Wentian I with a satellite to establish
    China’s first manned orbital space station. Will Tiancong get picked to
    pilot Wentian I and finally realize his space dream? Or will he be stuck
    on backup duty again?

Movie Schedule

February 1, 2013 – Friday

  • 12:30 pm – 2 Become 1
  • 03:00 pm – Piano in the Factory
  • 05:30 pm – Storm Warriors
  • 08:00 pm – Jasmin Women

February 2, 2013 – Saturday

  • 12:30 pm – Piano in the Factory
  • 03:00 pm – Space Dream
  • 05:30 pm – Golden Times
  • 08:00 pm – Storm Warriors

February 3, 2013 – Sunday

  • 12:30 pm – Space Dream
  • 03:00 pm – 2 Become 1
  • 05:30 pm – Jasmin Women
  • 08:00 pm – Piano in the Factory

February 4, 2013 – Monday

  • 12:30 pm – Storm Warriors
  • 03:00 pm – Golden Times
  • 05:30 pm – 2 Become 1
  • 08:00 pm – Space Dream

February 5, 2013 – Tuesday

  • 12:30 pm – Golden Times
  • 08:00 pm -Jasmin Women

February 6, 2013 – Wednesday

  • 12:30 pm – Storm Warriors
  • 03:00 pm – 2 Become 1
  • 05:30 pm – Piano in the Factory
  • 08:00 pm – Golden Times

February 7, 2013 -Thursday

  • 12:30 pm – Jasmin Women
  • 03:00 pm – Golden Times
  • 05:30 pm – Space Dream
  • 08:00 pm – 2 Become 1

February 8, 2013 – Friday

  • 12:30 pm – 2 Become 1
  • 03:00 pm – Jasmin Women
  • 05:30 pm – Piano in the factory
  • 08:00 pm – Space Dream

February 9, 2013 – Saturday

  • 12:30 pm – Storm Warriors
  • 03:00 pm -Space Dream
  • 05:30 pm – 2 Become 1
  • 08:00 pm – Golden Times

February 10, 2013 – Sunday

  • 12:30 pm – Golden Times
  • 03:00 pm – Storm Warriors
  • 05:30 pm – Jasmin Women
  • 08:00 pm – Piano in the Factory

For more information, please call Ateneo Leong Center 426-6001 local
5208-5209; 5280. For tickets, please call Shang Cineplex at 633-2227.

FREE MOVIES: 7th Spring Film Festival

FREE MOVIES: 7th Spring Film Festival

Good News peeps!

It is the time of the year where we get to enjoy Free Movies from the Filipino-Chinese community! Woooooooooooot! 

The Spring Festival is one of the most celebrated Chinese-Filipino Festivals, bringing the joys and artistry of Chinese films to the Philippines.

For the past six years, the Ateneo de Manila University Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies has brought the joys and artistry of Chinese films to the Philippines through the annual Spring Film Festival held in Shangri-La Mall.

For their 7th Spring Film Festival, their movie line-up includes:

  • The Piano in a FactoryStorm
  • Warriors
  • 2 Become 1
  • The Space Dream
  • Jasmine Women 
  • Golden Times.

All movies will be shown with English Subtitles beginning February 1 to 10, 2013.

Free Admission.

Here are the movie schedules! Showing starts on Feb 1 and ends on Feb 10.

Free Admission! With English Subtitles.
Are you a blogger or a writer? Then you might be interested to help promote the 7th Spring Film Festival.  
Press screening will already be this Thursday morning, around 9 or 10 am. Should you be interested, please pre-register here: Thank you!
If not, you may opt to just write about their event and send the link to us for verification. 

Kindly Spread the word! Thank you!

FREE INTERNET AND COFFEE: iZone-iHUB Philippines Beacon of Innovation

FREE INTERNET AND COFFEE: iZone-iHUB Philippines Beacon of Innovation 

Attention: Students, out-of-school youth, parents, teachers, anyone and everyone
who believe they have the talent but lack the resources. Here’s a piece of
good news for you!

can now use the facilities of iZone-iHUB, the first technology
research center in the Philippines that accommodates technology-driven
individuals who want their potential to be nurtured and developed absolutely free. iZone-iHUB Center is located at the Penthouse of a building in
Ortigas. If you have the talent, a project and you want
somebody to help you develop and finance your project then you should present it to the
shakers and movers of  iZone-iHUB
Center. This can be your chance to develop further and monetize your project.

“Focus on the Goal not the Road to get there, because the “road to success” is always under construction” – Dan Pen

What is iZone-iHUB

Center is an online community that provides
Pinoy techies and innovative individuals a room for collaboration. It
aims to encourage knowledge sharing among those who have the passion for
Information Technology.
This place is great. iZone-iHUB
Center gives you the freedom to use the
office space for collaborating with your fellow techies absolutely free.


iZone-iHUB offers a central location of its facilities to techies and individuals who would
want to have a place where they can collaborate with fellow techies and
innovators to come up with projects that can probably be the next big
thing to come after Facebook. Office Location of iZone-iHUB is at the 12th Floor (Penthouse) of Agustin I Building, #28 F. Ortigas Jr. (Emerald) Avenue, Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City 1605.

Operating Hours:

The facility operates from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. They accommodate not just techies but just about everyone who has projects aimed for global distribution.  

What they offer?

  • Free unlimited access to WiFi
  • Free flowing coffee ( I love the cappucino flavor at their office)
  • Office space amenities ( LED PC, Aircon, Lights etc.)
  • Safety 
  • Security
  • Free advise and assistance from experts and consultants of iZone-iHUB for your projects whether they can actually be
    monetized or developed further.

What’s the catch? 

There is no catch! iZone-iHUB just wants to offer its place to techie
Filipino who would want to have a place they can call a second home away
from their homes.


  • To serve as incubators for start up projects under
    the pseudo of Information Technology (IT) to be exposed to
    commercialization targeting a global market.

MISSION: To nourish and cultivate the minds of bright and creative individuals by letting them discover their ultimate potential in the field of Information Technology.

Here are the steps:

1.      Pack your gadgets together with your creative mind and outstanding development skills.

2.      Bring a valid Identification Card.

3.      Proceed to iZone-iHUB Center.

4.      Release all of your creative juices, brainstorm, and work with people who share the          same interests as you!

Endless opportunities and possibilities are being offered by iZone-iHUB to the
technology community! 


iZone-iHUB has an on-going contest where individuals or groups can win as much as fifty thousand pesos ( Php 50,000) worth of
prizes. By submitting their innovative projects to iZone-iHUB, the
founder Daniel
S. Peña Sr. (born on August 10, 1945) is a Hispanic-American
businessman, who is a well-known business magnate and
investor, Entrepreneur, Business
Success Coach for High Performers. Founder of QLA methodology! And World
Traveler! He has 40 plus years of experience dealing with businesses and start
ups entrepreneur, mentor, and business coach, born in
Jacksonville, Florida. Under his wings, you will be ensured that your project will go to greater heights. You have an opportunity for your project to be commercialized or
monetized under iZone-iHUB and also at the same time you get to win the

 iZone-iHUB will have a grand launch on January 18, 2013, where IT leaders and IT enthusiasts can fully
grasp what are the activities lined up for the year 2013 followed by the Techno Summit on February 16, 2013. Highlight of this event would be the twenty four (24) hour Hackathon
event where participants from Colleges, Universities and Professional sector
would be able to work as a team or as an individual and compete in
developing an innovative project within the 24 hour window,
participants would also have the opportunity to have this project
exposed by presenting it on the event hall. Both events will be graced
by renowned individuals under the technology industry with the likes of Representative Angelo B. Palmones.

Remember, do not believe those lies that you amount to nothing. If people tell you that you cannot do these or that. Don’t believe them. Like Dan Pena, you too can turn ”you can’t’s” into ”How Can I’s” and prove the nay-Sayers wrong. 


Disclaimer: I am not in any way connected to iZone-iHUB. 

FREE:Krispy Kreme Philippines Sweet Treats

FREE: Krispy Kreme Philippines Sweet Treats

Last week, my brother and I was able to avail of a Free Coffee and Donut courtesy of Krispy Kreme Philippines. All the company required us to do was to answer a survey and voila they sent us an e-voucher for a free coffee and glazed donut. Today, I came across their new sweet treat to all of their fans this Christmas season! Since, not a lot of people are aware of this. I decided to play Santa and blog about this new sweet treat, so more people would benefit from their campaign this Christmas. So hurry, don’t you dare miss this! This sweet treat is absolutely free!

Yes, folks, Krispy Kreme Philippines have something
sweet for you! Just double click on the screen captured photo below and it would take you to the apps section of Krispy Kreme Philippines. It would prompt you to share the good news to five (5) of your friends and ask your preferred branch to claim your e-voucher. 

From experience, they sent my e-voucher to my e-mail right after I shared the campaign. I can really feel Krispy Kreme Philippines (Official) love this Christmas season.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t forget to share
this to your friends too! Hurry, Get it fresh, get it hot,now!

This is not a paid post nor a press release. I just wanted to share this free information to everyone. 

FREE MOVIE DAY: SM Cinemas Grand Movie Blow out Nationwide

FREE MOVIE DAY: SM Cinemas Grand Movie Blow out Nationwide

In this age and time one can still say: May himala! ( There’s still a miracle!) Yipeeeeeee! Announcing SM Cinema’s early Christmas gift to their loyal fans and customers.

SM Cinema together with SM e-Plus will start the Christmas holidays with their
Free Movie Day on all SM Cinema branches nationwide. The Free Movie Day will be on December 8,
2012, it’s a great time to spend with family and friends and watch
together movies for free.

How do I register and get a free vouchers for the Free Movie Day? It is as simple as saying ABC!

Registration had started last November 22, 2012. Redemption period to claim your movie vouchers is from November 23 to December 6, 2012.

100% DIGITAL, 100% FREE MOVIES! Bring family and friends to SM Cinema’s GRAND MOVIE BLOW OUT, the biggest movie treat ever!

Mark your calendar! December 8 is Free Movie Day at SM Cinema!

Join SM e-Plus Facebook Page for more details on how to register. Also join SM Cinema on Facebook for future events.

FREE ADMISSION: National Museum

FREE ADMISSION: National Museum

Good News to all Filipinos and non-Filipino visitors! 

Everyone, dabarkads, fellow bloggers, schoolmates, classmates, every Pedro and Juan, whatever your status in life, this is your chance to know your heritage for FREE!  If you find yourself with nothing to do on a Sunday or during weekdays except Monday, then feel free to visit our National Museum.

For the whole month of October there will be FREE admission to National Museum, yehey! Ano pa inaantay mo go!

National Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am to 5 pm. 

Address: former Finance Building, Padre Burgos. Street, Rizal Park, Manila. Telephone: +63.2.5270278

Hep, hep, before going to the National Museum, kindly be reminded of these guidelines! God bless us all! Smile!

Guidelines for Museum Tours

1. All guests are required to sign in the visitor’s logbook before viewing the exhibits.

2. Group tours shall be booked before hand. Only groups reserved at the
Museum Education Division shall be entertained. Group tours are not
allowed on Sundays.

3. Drop off point for groups is outside the NM gate along P. Burgos
Avenue and Finance Road. Bags, food, and hand-carried items should be
left inside the bus.

4. Buses should park outside the Museum of the Filipino People.

5. Head of the group/coordinator shall first pay the entrance fees and
fill up the visitor’s logbook before the group is allowed to begin the

6. Firearms, food, bottled water, and ballpens are not allowed inside galleries.

7. Smoking is prohibited in the NM premises.

8. Touching artworks and taking photos of exhibit items for commercial
purposes inside galleries are strictly prohibited unless otherwise
authorized through a special permit from the Director’s Office/ Museum
Education Division. Picture taking is allowed for souvenir purposes
only. DSLR cameras need special permit. The use of flash photography
is strictly prohibited.

9. For other concerns not specified herein, please inquire at the Museum Education Division.

FREE FOOD SUMMIT: Professionalizing the Foodservice Industry

F&B World Magazine brings you the F&B World Summit 2012
“Providing Quality Service & Beyond: Professionalizing the
Foodservice Industry” on October 4, 2012 (Thursday) at the Glorietta
Activity Center from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Take part in this
once-a-year event showcasing the latest trends in the food service
Attendees can look forward to food tasting, seminars, and new products to enhance food production.  
Registration is free.

Latest Trends and Innovations in the Foodservice Industry

1:00-1:30 pm – Trailblazing the Coffee Scene: Unique Ideas for Coffee Shops (Chit Juan)
1:45 – 2:15 PM – Talk and Demo by Uniliver Food Solutions
2:30 – 2:45 PM – Talk and Demo by Tefal
3:00 – 3:30 PM – Global Baking, Pastry and Confectionery Trends (Talk and Demo) – (Puratos)

Food Entrepreneurship

3:45 – 4:15 PM – Success Secrets in Food Business and Adapting to Today’s Market with Creative Ideas (Johnlu Koa, French Baker)
4:30 – 5:00 PM – Talk and Demo by Great Food Solutions
5:15 – 5:45 PM – Opportunities in the Foodservice and Hospitality Industry – COHREP

participants may register to the seminars in the F&B Summit 2012
program online by e-mailing us the following details.

Company / Institution:
Mobile no.:
e-mail address:
Preferred seminar:
With the subject F&B Summit to
Kindly wait for an e-mail receipt saying that you are officially registered to your preferred session.
Guests may send their RSVP to Mr. Vince Oliquiano 403.88.25 loc. 214 / (0917) 591.70.25 /
Like our facebook page for updates

See you there!

FREE DLSU Entrance Exam Plus 50 scholarships to public school grads

Free DLSU entrance exam for public highschool students + 50 scholarships to public school grads
De La Salle University now gives public high school students the opportunity to take free entrance exams at its different testing centers nationwide. The University also offers 50 full scholarships under the Vaugirard Scholarship Program (VSP), which is exclusively for graduates of Philippine public high schools.
To qualify for the scholarship, a student should be among the top 120 examinees of the DLSU College Admissions Test (CAT) and should pass the screening process. Apart from full waiver of tuition, miscellaneous, and other fees, scholars will receive a monthly stipend to cover accommodation, meals, transportation, and book expenses.
Public high school students who wish to apply for the college entrance exams may now inquire at DLSU. The application period is from June 16 to September 26 while the freshman entrance exams at DLSU falls on October 7, 14, and 21.
Applicants from public high schools in the provinces may also inquire at the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS), De La Salle University, with telephone numbers 536-0225 (direct) or 524-4611 loc 162. Applicants may also email or visit the Facebook page at

Press release from De La Salle University


Where: Shangri-La Plaza 
When: August 2 to 6, 2012
The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office brings a small program of Taiwanese films to the Shang Cineplex. Running from August 2 to 6, 2012, the third Taiwan Film Festival pays tribute to one of Taiwan’s greatest directors, as well offers a selection of contemporary documentaries that chronicle the life of modern Taiwan. Admission is free. 

Here’s what they’ve got to offer:

A Time to Live, A Time to Die

Half of the festival’s program is given over to films by director Hou Hsiao-Hsien. Hou is easily one of Taiwan’s most accomplished directors. His career spans decades, and he had won dozens of awards from all over the world. And yet his work tends to go largely unseen outside of the festival circuit. These films serves as a fine introduction to the director’s work. 

A Time to Live, A Time to Die (Tong Nian Wang Shi, 1985). This film tells the story of a young boy whose family moves from Mainland China to Taiwan in 1947. Based loosely on Hou’s own experiences as a young man, this coming-of-age film explores the rift that occurs between the boy and his family as he loses touch with his cultural heritage. The film can be challenging, requiring patience from the viewer as it meanders through the mundane lives of its characters. But there are moments of such immense beauty and sadness in it that one can’t help but be moved.
The Boys from Fangkuei

The Boys from Fangkuei (Fēngguì lái de rén, 1983) comes a little bit before Hou found his directorial voice, but one can already see the filmmaker putting together the pieces of what would become his style. This is also a coming-of-age picture, following a group of delinquents from a small seaside town. They spend their time shooting pool, getting drunk and picking up girls, before moving to the city Kaohsiung to look for work. And there they discover that they don’t know as much about the world as they thought. The Boys from Fangkuei isn’t as polished as the rest of Hou’s films, but it can be surprisingly moving. It can be surprisingly tender, the story tinged with nostalgia and a quiet sense of humor.

Dust in the Wind

Dust in the Wind (Liàn liàn fēng chén, 1986) touches on the same themes as The Boys of Fengkuei, the film also depicting the plight of small town Taiwanese kids who arrive at the big city. This one follows a teenage couple as they move from their small village and try to make in Taipei. They are in love, but their love struggles to survive their economic and political reality. But where The Boys from Fangkuei feels a bit like a cautionary tale, this film plays out as a real tragedy, finding real anguish in the character’s simple acceptance that life continues to go on.

Three Times

The festival is also screening Three Times (Zuì hǎo de shí guāng, 2005), which was shown in last year’s program. If you missed it last year, you really ought to see it now. It’s a remarkable film that tells stories of romance set against conflict, with the same two actors portraying the lovers in each story. Not every segment works, but the film is able to build to a depth of emotion that can be quite moving.

Grandma’s Hairpin

The other half of the program is composed of documentaries. Of the four, Grandma’s Hairpin (Hsiao Chu-Chen, 2000, Yin Zan Zi) might be the one most worth seeing. The director tells the story of her father, who was one of the soldiers that had retreated to Taiwan back in 1949 following a defeat at the hands of the communists in 1949. Back then, the soldiers believed that they would soon be able to return to China, but that actually didn’t happen until 1987. Some of the soldiers attempt to rebuild a life in a China that no longer feels like home. It’s incredibly powerful stuff, the film digging into the very idea of Taiwan as a nation by examining the lives of the people who had fought for it.

The Man Who Plants Trees

The Man Who Plants Trees (Zhong Shu De Nan Ren, 2008, Lin Yu-Hsien) tells the remarkable tale of Lu Ming-Shih, a man who sets out to plant trees all along the Tropic of Cancer. The documentary follows him as he attempts to plant trees on the Chianan plain, finding resistance along the way. This is the story of a dreamer, a man so in love with nature that he dedicates his life to it.


Classmates (2009, Cheng Yao-Ting) follows four young people who were graduates of a special inclusive school program, which integrated special needs students with regular students. The film looks into their lives as they approach the responsibilities of adulthood, while also documenting the development and the current state of the inclusive program that would become so important in their lives.


And finally, Stars (Xing Guang Chuan Qi, 2008, Hsu Ming-Chun) is a documentary on Taiwanese reality singing competition Million Star. The film follows a few of the contestants from the second season of the show, looking in their lives and following them as they climb the ladder of stardom. The film presents the show as a magical place where dreams come true, which is a little suspect. Still, the contestants are real people, and seeing them live out their pop star fantasies can be somewhat compelling.