The Supreme Court announced that 1,913 takers out of 5990 examinees passed the 2011 Bar exams. This figure translates to a passing rate of 31.9%, relatively higher compared to previous years’ passing rates. The second highest in the millenium.

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Raoul Angelo Atadero of ADMU tops 2011 bar exams

“Brilliance without integrity makes us puwit ng baso, breakable and fleeting. Integrity allows us to withstand and constantly scatter light, enduring with brilliance.”-  Raoul Angelo Atadero
At Raoul Angelo Atadero 
Fast Facts:
Name: Raoul Angelo Atadero 
Age :    27 years old
Law School: Ateneo de Manila University  
Achievements: Ateneo Law School class valedictorian 
                             Topped the 2011 Bar Exams. 
His family hails from Bulacan.

Raoul Angelo Atadero wasn’t exactly expecting to top the bar, expected to fail in commercial and mercantile law. When asked what his “secret” was in topping the bar, he replied: “Hard work, prayer and luck. Most important is hard work. You really need to work hard because no amount of prayer or luck will make you pass the bar.”
27 year-old  Raoul Angelo Atadero was described by his superiors as quiet and unassuming, but very intelligent and insightful.
The second among four siblings, Atadero is the first lawyer in the family. The family, which hails from Meycauayan, Bulacan province, runs a jewelry and pawnshop business.
Ateneo Law School valedictorian Raoul Angelo Atadero topped the 2011 Bar Exams. 

Like most other bar exam takers, Atadero had spent much of last year preparing for the grueling November tests conducted at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

He was glued to law books for up to 14 hours daily between April and November last year.

“I started studying mid-April all the way up to November. I get up at 7 a.m., start studying at 8 a.m. and continue until 9 p.m., including breaks for meals. It’s really pretty standard for bar takers,” Atadero said.

Congratulations Atty. Raoul Angelo Atadero!
Photo from Atadero’s FB page and Inquirer.
Article source: Inquirer


Top 10 Bar examinees:

1st Place: Atadero, Raoul Angelo D., Ateneo de Manila University—85.5363%

2nd Place: Bolong, Luz Danielle O., Ateneo de Manila University—84.5563%

3rd Place: Rafal-Roble, Cherry Liez O., Arellano University—84.4550%

4th Place: Bañaga, Rosemil R., Notre Dame University—84.1226%

5th Place: Gonzales, Christian Louie C., University of Sto. Tomas—84.0938%

6th Place: Bandal, Ivan M., Silliman University—84.0901%

7th Place: Acosta, Eireene Xina M., San Beda College—84.0663%

8th Place: Qua, Irene Marie P., Ateneo de Manila University—84.0575%

9th Place: Laceda, Elaine Marie G., Far Eastern University-DLSU (Juris Doctor-MBA)— 84.0401%

10th Place: Aquino, Rodolfo Q., San Beda College—83.7276%

A total of 1,913 out of the 5,987 Bar examinees passed the 2011 Bar examination.  
It was a first in the Bar Examinations’ 110-year history that a predominant multiple choice question-type of tests was given in the Bar exams.
The number of successful passers in the 2011 Bar examination was considered as the second highest rate in the millennium.
Congratulations to the 1,913 Bar examinees who passed the 2011 Bar Exams. 



Good News to all gimikeros and gimikeras out there! Libations is now open at the 2nd level of G Strip Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan, Metro Manila.

LIBATIONS is a drink lounge that started as a harmless idea between peers and is now a newly set-up establishment with an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere that brings together great music, good people, inspired food and handpicked quality beverages. LIBATIONS was inspired by the latin style of drinking that involved a more personal and laid back feel. The term itself originates from the latin word libare, that refers to the act of pouring as an offering. The term evolved and began to be known as the act of drinking intoxicating beverage, often ceremoniously (as to a deity or a god).

One unique feature that would leave you in a positive mood is the establishment’s long bar, which appears to be the centerpiece of the whole venue.The long bar was designed as such so as to provide more comfort to the customers. This said design enables people to be able to easily access the bar or comfortably engage in a conversation with others.

LIBATIONS goal is for everyone and anyone that enters their doors, to be treated as gods.
LIBATIONS are the first ones in the Manila night life scene to introduce the negative-ion bulbs. These revolutionary light bulbs uses technology that is able to remove positive ions, which are responsible in making us feel tired, irritable and depressed, and generally make the air cleaner. In the simplest way, this ionic technology is able to remove smoke and odors in just minutes.
The interiors of the lounge is designed by Nikki Laurel, they were able to introduce elements of rustic and sophisticated design.
You could sit here with your friends if you want more privacy.
They’re the first bar who uses negative ion bulbs to reduce the smell of smoke.

Unlike other bars, LIBATIONS is a place where it is possible to engage in intimate or group conversations void of the typical deafening night club music.

A nice place to chill out and party with your friends. Like James Yap and his buddy. 
The selection of imported wine and beer along with their signature cocktail drinks namely Libations and Volcano turns this drink lounge into a place like no other.

The bar list has been carefully selected with expertise, taste and strict control to provide customers with the finest quality at the most affordable prices. It has a wide-array of selection of imported wine and beer

Libations signature cocktail drinks named Volcano.

Aside from their superb drink list, LIBATIONS is also home of the special pica-pica such as the crowd favorite sisig and their sausage platter, with a flavor unlike any other. The Bulacan-hailed Elmer also makes available a variety of chicharon from his side of Luzon.


For Franchise Inquiries  look for Mr. Elmer Nicolas cellphone number 09176343699.
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