Azalea Residences: A Holiday Haven In Baguio City

Azalea Residences Baguio

Holiday Haven Azalea Residences Baguio is the perfect place to stay after a full day of action-packed team building activities!  I believe big corporations must treat their employees to a huge range of fun and recreational corporate team building activities at Tree Top Adventure and Nature Park and nurture their soul and body at Azalea Residences. 

Azalea terraces.JPG

Azalea’s homey atmosphere radiates on each of their 99 suites, which by the way has a complete amenities that can only be found in five-star hotels.

Azalea Baguio Facade

Azalea Residences Baguio is somewhat a tourist destination by itself. Why?  Because of the big Azalea Flower Globe Fountain that welcomes each guests. This majestic flower symbolizes abundance. Yes, in Asia, Azalea represents elegance as well as wealth.

Azalea Giant Ferrero.JPG

It comes in white, red, yellow, purple and pink. Typically, there are five petals for the azalea.

Azalea Residences flowers.JPG

However, there can be azaleas with six petals on it that are all joined at the base of the flower.

Azalea bandicot ferrero

According to my friend Tof, for local folks in Baguio. they call the flower globe the”Big Ferrero” because of its big resemblance to the yummy chocolate brand. Don’t you agree?

Azalea facade

Upon entering the hotel, we were welcomed by the staff.  We were then asked to sit down to relax and were given a welcome drink right after.  Cheers!  Azalea, thanks for the free welcome drinks!

As you know, guests ease into vacation bliss as soon as they walk inside a hotel door and after the customary welcome drink.  Unfortunately, we arrived so early in the morning that a lot of guests has not check out yet.   So, there’s no ready room yet for us.  Our luggages were then taken by the bellboy and the hotel supervisor had it stored somewhere safe because the hotel was enjoying a brisk sale and was to its full capacity when we arrived at around 9 o’ clock in the morning.  So, to wisely make use of our time, we ate breakfast first then we went to tree top adventure park afterwards for our team building challenge!

For this trip, I stayed at room 415 together with four(4) other bloggers.  The master’s bedroom with its own bathroom and bath tub were occupied by the husband and wife team of Cheryl and George, then the other two (2) bloggers stayed at the convertible double sofa bed at the suite’s living room, I on the other hand occupied the room with a single bed.  This two (2) bedroom suite typically costs Php12,000 per night.  They have an ongoing promotion right now, where they offer a room for as low as Php1,100 per person plus plus until end of summer I think.  Better check it on their website.

Azalea single bed.JPG

My room may be small but it offers the privacy that I wanted after a full packed day of team building activities.  I had to go out every now and then to use the bathroom which I shared  with the two gentlemen, Wilmar and Clint.  Not that I am complaining.  It is okay with me because we were able to come up (silently) with a scheduled pattern on who gets to use first the bathroom in the morning so we will be able to join the breakfast together as a team.

The only downside I think, which I hope the management will be able to control are the noises made by passersby and neighboring rooms when they open or closes their respective rooms.  Sometimes, it seems that they were having conversations on the hallway or right in front of my window.  I overheard people talking without intending to.

The staff who prepared my room left the window open inside my room. I had to stand on a chair and pull the window to closed it.  No biggie.  Maybe that’s the standard practice to let the air flowing inside the room?  I don’t know.  It is okay with me.  I just preferred it closed for added security and I thought shutting the window might muffled the noises created by others outside our room.  The LED TV inside my room helped me a lot to divert my attention from the noises to the program shown on television.  So Five (5) stars for the TV!

My little room has a very comfortable bed, two (2) fluffy pillows and comforter so soft I easily drift off into dreamland each and every night.  The two side table balances the bed structure.  I love it that Azalea did not scrimped on the outlets! I had two outlets on each side of my bed!

Azalea fan and wall pictures.JPG

And that is so cool!  I also love their ceiling fan!  It keeps the room really cold inside my room. It is amazing that the room temperature inside my room is similar to a room with air conditioner.  Yeah, you bet, one would think that the room has an air conditioner inside the room.  Five stars for that Azalea. I’ll make a review at Trip Advisor for you.  I am a level 6 hotel reviewer. You deserved it.

The closet has two (2) bathrobes, I used one bathrobe and gave the other one to Clint for him to use while we were there.

The customary slipper is also good.  I even went down each morning using your hotel slippers. Ha ha ha!

Each one of us were happy because we were given individual towels and bath set.

Their kitchen has coffee and tea-making facility, plus kitchen appliances like microwave oven and kitchen essentials like plates and utensils, as well as dining table and chairs.

Tradisyon azalea.JPG

Buffet Breakfast is free at Azalea’s very own restaurant aptly called “Tradisyon”.

Tradisyon resto.JPG

I love their Chocolate de Azalea!!! Made from imported chocolate blocks served to perfection.  Five stars again!

Tradisyon kainan.JPG

On our very first breakfast at Azalea we were fortunate enough to dine at the tent!

Tradisyon tent  selfie.JPG

No sleep yet. Picture taken right after we arrived from a four hour trip plus one hour trial and error joy ride from Manila, ha ha ha!

Azasalea dinner day 1


Another notable dish that I super liked at Tradisyon is their sinigang and bagnet! Oh they’re so good I temporarily forgot my name. Ha ha ha!

did you know  light blue.png

They also operate a bar lounge aptly called 8 degrees. Simply because Baguio City is eight (8) degrees cooler on any month than any place in the lowlands including Metro Manila.

There’s also welcome fruits and somebody also gave us biscuits. Thank you “somebody” whoever you are.  Thank you Azalea.

I would definitely recommend Azalea Residences for value for money, location, friendliness and cleanliness.  Plus ample free parking for their guests!  I would like to commend the management and staff of this holiday haven!  Keep up the good work guys!

I recommend Azalea Residences Baguio City for the whole family and for corporate gatherings!

Azalea logo official.JPG

AZALEA RESIDENCES BAGUIO is conveniently located at #7 Leonard Wood Loop, Brgy. M. Roxas, 2600 Baguio, Philippines. Azalea Residences is just a short walk from the Pink Sisters Convent, and within a very short commuting distance from Mines View Park, Good Shepherd, Camp John Hay, Wright Park, Botanical Garden, The Mansion and Burnham Park.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

Smile always!





Digital Filipino Club Workshop at Azalea Residences in Baguio, City

I have just arrived from my splendid vacation and Digital Filipino Club Workshop at Azalea Residences in Baguio City. You see, I was one of the six (6) lucky bloggers who were chosen by Miss Janette Toral  along with 14 others Digital Filipino Club Members to experience the comfort, luxury and Filipino hospitality that the six-month old all-suite hotel can offer by spending two (2) days and two (2) nights at Azalea Residences complete with free breakfast which the hotel serves from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. Isn’t that great?

This amazing structure is located at #7 Leonard Wood Loop, Brgy. M. Roxas, 2600 Baguio, Philippines. Azalea Residences is just a short walk away from the Pink Sisters Convent, and within a very short commuting distance from Mines View Park, Good Shepherd, Camp John Hay, Wright Park, Botanical Garden, The Mansion and Burnham Park. Azalea Residences is owned by Fog Horn Inc.

Azalea Residences Baguio is located in a secluded hill street that guarantees both the calm of country living and proximity to the city’s main attractions. It offers the best of old-world charm and modern-day comforts. Why choose a hotel where you can’t even catch a good night sleep all night long because of constant whistle and noise within the vicinity, correct? 

Azalea Residences was inaugurated and blessed last December 3, 2011.Full Operation started last February 15, 2012.

Even if you are not rich, you are also entitled to a vacation. This has always been my mantra and the exact reason why I created this blog. I was so happy to know that the owners of Azalea Residences shared exactly the same mantra which made the company decide to go into the hospitality business.  

I was bowled over by this beautiful view of Azalea Residences when our car entered the hotel premises. 


The breath taking view immediately made me fall in love with Azalea Residences. My photographs could never do justice to this wonderful place, my dear readers. So please visit Azalea Residences and speak for yourself about your wonderful experience.

Be it night or day, the beautiful Azalea Residences is simply irresistible.

When I alighted from the car, I counted how many storeys the Azalea Residences have. The six-storey contemporary log cabin-inspired hotel facade is really awesome. A real breather from the hustle and bustle of city life. Azalea Residences immediately embraced me with the warmth, comfort, serenity and tranquility that everyone aspires. 

A uniformed bell boy greeted us with a smile and readily assisted us with our bags from the car and brought them to our suite after we checked-in.

Azalea Residences has two(2) service elevators. You could opt to pick up your newspaper at the hotel concierge near the reception or have it delivered right to your suite.

We were assigned at the fourth floor. Our room is a very short walk from the elevator.

I did not have an opportunity to snap a picture of our door. This picture is the door number of the room of our other blogger companions.

Our suite has two-bedrooms. Each room has a flat screen television, a kitchen, a living area with another flat screen television and a sofa bed that the hotel staff transformed into another queen-sized bed. I discovered that their flat screen television has 99 cable channels. Their kitchen has coffee and tea-making facility, plus kitchen appliances like microwave oven and kitchen  essentials like plates and utensils, as well as dining table and chairs.

When the other blogger let me choose which bedroom I like to use, I chose to sleep in the master’s bedroom because it has its own toilet and bath with hot and cold water and has a bathtub, this is very helpful for me because I won’t need to go out of my room at night just to pee. The master’s bedroom has a queen-sized bed with imported bed linens, in-room safe, clothes cabinet, NDD, DDD,DID telephone and a big window.

The owners wanted to give the hotel guests a homey atmosphere that is why they provided each of their 99 suites with complete amenities that can only be found in five-star hotels.
If you are a businessman/ businesswoman, stay connected with Azalea residences business center where you can avail of their fax and computer usage for as low as Php 50.00 per hour.

I learned from the one who toured us around the vicinity that Azalea residences-Baguio has: 

  • 46 deluxe suites, with 30 sq. meter floor area, maximum occupants 2 adults+ 2 kids or 3 adults. Cost is Php 6,000.  
  • 17 one-bedroom suite, 45 sq. meter good for 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. Cost is Php 8,000.
  • 33 two-bedroom suites, 60 sq.meter good for up to 6 adults or 4 adults and 2 kids. Cost is Php 12,000 
  • and 3 three-bedroom suites, 80 sq.meter for up to 8 adults or 6 adults and 2 kid. Cost Php 15,000. 

All provided with sofa beds, key cards and with the masters bedrooms equipped with bath tubs. Buffet Breakfast is free. Azalea Residences has an on-going promo which entitles you to a discount of 40% during weekdays and less 30% during weekends on published rates. Please note that in excess of the minimum number of occupants, there is an  additional per person rate which will cost you Php 1,500 with breakfast.

They also operate a bar lounge called 8 degrees. Simply because Baguio City is 8 degrees cooler on any month than any place in the lowlands including Metro Manila.

He also said that if you love walking, you will be happy to know that Azalea residence Baguio is twenty minutes of leisure walk to the city proper and the same time to the other direction leading to the famous Wright park, Camp John Hay, Mansion and five minutes to Botanical garden.

One of the many things I learned from the workshop we had with Miss Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino Club at Azalea Residences is empathy map. One must empathize with their target customers so they can improve and tackle any problems beforehand. Be it financial,security, location or time.

Azalea Residences empathize with their client, that’s why they recently tightened their security and hired additional security officers for each floor. They also installed additional CCTV Cameras. They now have 42 CCTV Cameras to cover those areas that used to be labeled as blind spot.

I also saw a security guard on top of the newly added perimeter fence.

I saw the security guard from the balcony of the living room of our suite. I asked him if there’s a security detail in that area 24/7. He said he is the night shift guard and his replacement will come at 7 o’ clock in the morning. For me, that’s an assurance that I can sleep soundly at night or leave my things behind during the day without worrying a bit.

Azalea Residences has a complimentary bottled water, news paper and hair dryer, all of which are on my essentials lists and add to that the fact that they have a 140-car capacity parking and 40,000 gallons capacity of hot water to ensure that their guests won’t run out of hot water. I know, I know, these are the essential details that some hotels always overlook. I can say for a fact that Azalea Residences has really empathized with their occupants and had given a solution right away. Maybe they learned that from Digital Filipino Club.

I slept well in their very comfortable bed and I dreamed well in their contemporary bedding. I super love the comfort and warmth of their plush-top mattress pad and fitted bed skirt, high quality 200-thread count white linens with triple sheeting, down-like blanket, decorative top sheet and bed scarf, and high quality pillows.

Your family or whole barkada could choose from among Azalea Residences de luxe, one-bedroom suite, two-bedroom suite or three-bedroom suite rooms that guarantee a good night’s sleep and consistency in cleanliness, comfort, security and value. I just hope that their wi-fi will be up the next time I visit Baguio.

Azalea Residences toured us around Baguio during our last day of stay. We went to Pink Sisters, Good Shepherd Convent, Mines View Park, Choco-late de Batirol in Camp John Hay,  The Mansion and last but not the least,the Baguio Public Market. The bloggers and the Digital Filipino Club Members had a blast buying pasalubong and taking pictures.

I would definitely recommend Azalea Residences for value for money, location, friendliness and cleanliness. The perfect abode for rest and leisure in Baguio City for the whole family and for corporate gatherings! Reservation fee can be made thru credit card payment. Verdict: Azalea Residences gained 5 stars on my list.

I would like to thank Miss Janette Toral of Digital Filipino Club for opening my eyes to business model canvass, empathy map, blue ocean strategy, long tail and a lot more. I really learned a lot from you, Miss Janette Toral, I hope to be included on your future out of town workshops. To Azalea Residences, thank you for the wonderful accommodation and nice treatment.  And last but not the least I would like to extend my thanks to Miss Janette Toral’s very efficient executive assistant Heidi and our driver “Nonoy” to and from Baguio, Maraming maraming salamat. God bless us all.

Digital Filipino Club event in Baguio City

“Surround yourself with like-minded people who support you on the road to success.” ― Shirley George Frazier 

Good news to everyone! 

The Digital Filipino Club will be having its first out-of-town workshop session for club members on June 5 and 6, 2012 in Baguio City, Philippines. Venue of this activity and free accommodation to club members will be at Azalea Residences Baguio.
I personally believe that SME’s should join the Digital Filipino Club to connect with like-minded individuals. Creating a circle of like-minded people should be a non-negotiable task on every SME’s to-do list.

The Club is a community that began on December 25, 2003. The club has  get-together and technology briefing from four (4) to twelve (12) times a year in different parts of the country, fostering networking and collaboration among members. Presentation papers and reports are uploaded on a monthly basis.

The Digital Filipino Club members are composed of individuals and companies from various sectors with common interest in areas such as 

  • Internet
  • e-commerce
  • research
  • outsourcing
  • wireless
  • Internet security
  • and software process improvement.

Join the Club as an individual, SME or corporate club member today!

Advantages of being a Digital Filipino Club member:
  •   You will learn and exchange ideas on e-commerce development easily
  •   Start-up development and acceleration
  •   Internet advertising
  •   You will learn Search engine optimization (SEO)
  •   Blog marketing
  •   Electronic payment
  •   Social media
  •   Software process improvement
  •   Internet security, among others.
The following is the itinerary to be followed for the DigitalFilipino Club event in Baguio City:

June 4, 2012

Meet up at Starbucks 6750 (beside Shangri-la Hotel) 4 PM for transportation pick-up.
2nd pick-up point will be at Starbucks Podium ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center 5 pm.
3rd pick-up point will be at Eton Centris Walk (BEFORE MRT Quezon Avenue station) 5:30 pm

Dinner at one stop-over while in-route to Baguio City.

Proceed to  Azalea Residences Baguio and check-in. Room sharing arrangements three (3) persons per room will be made among club members.

June 5

8 AM : Breakfast / workshop proper

E-Commerce / Digital Marketing Business Model review

  • Business Model Canvas building blocks
  • Plotting of current business model and challenges
  • Feedback session
  • Review of emerging and popular business models
  • Customer-centric business model design
  • Blue-ocean strategy
  • Presentation of revised business model canvas
  • Feedback session
June 6 

8 AM : Breakfast / workshop proper

Digital Influencers Workshop
  • Digital Influencers Framework, Profiling, Social Media, and SEO Influences
  • Workshop
  • Presentation
2 PM Check-out from hotel
Tour / Lunch
Return to Manila
Club members interested to participate are entitled to 15% discount in the Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program.


Do it yourself Baguio Travel!
If you have Php2,000 it is enough to last you a 2 days and 1 night travel to the city of Pines.
The City of Baguio or Ilokano: Ciudad ti Baguio is said to be the summer capital of the Philippines because it is eight degrees cooler than in Metro Manila.
You could go to Baguio via land. The most famous mode of transportation is by bus.
Buses that go to Baguio are the following:
  1.  Victory Liner
  2.  Genesis Bus
  3.  Dagupan Bus Co.,Inc.
  4.  Partas,
  5.  GV Florida Transport
  6.  Philippine Rabbit
  7.  Viron Transit
  8.  Dangwa Tranco
  9.  Genesis Transport
  10.  Saulog Transit Inc.
  11.   Amanian bus line
  12.  and many smaller feeder minibuses.
Fare going to Baguio will cost you only Php 450.00 per way. The buses usually travel the approximately 250 km distance between Manila and Baguio City by way of Kennon Road at around  six hours. Fortunately, Victory Liner now offer De Luxe Buses to Baguio via SCTEX which shortened the travel hours by one to two hours depending on the traffic but it cost more at Php 750.00.
Go and travel Philippines! In Baguio you could buy fresh flowers, fruits like strawberries, and vegetables, brooms, peanut brittles at the public market, go boating, biking, skating at Burnham Park, visit the Bencab museum in Asin, visit The Mansion, Pink Sisters Convent, Good Shepherd, Wright Park, Botanical Garden, Tam-awan Village, Philippine Military Academy.
Boarding house, inns, hotels, abound in Baguio. Accommodation will cost around Php 200 to Php16,000 a night.
You don’t have to have your own private vehicle because jeepneys and taxi abound in Baguio. Taxi plug down rate is Php40.00. Jeepneys cost Php8.00.
Lakbayin ang Pilipinas!


Where to buy tickets?

You have to be wa-is if you plan to travel by bus. Buy your tickets from the ticket booth para hindi kayo ma charge ng surcharge sa pagsakay sa bus ng walang ticket.

How long is the travel from Metro Manila to Baguio?
Depends on road condition and traffic. Normally, it would take 7 hours by bus from Victory Liner Pasay City. If the bus will pass  by SCTEX like Victory Liner De Luxe Bus travel time is 5 hours if non-stop. 
What are the names and terminals of the Buses going to Baguio?
  • Victory Liner : 
Terminals in:

  1. 713 Rizal Avenue Ext, Caloocan City
  2. 683 EDSA, Cubao, Quezon City
  3. 651 EDSA Pasay City
  4. 551 Earnshaw St., Barangay 401, Sampaloc, Manila

     Ordinary Air-con cost P 450/ per way per person.

    • Philippine Rabbit:Terminal Address: 819 Oroquieta Street 1000 Manila /Rizal Avenue (corner Claro M. Recto Avenue), Manila, Philippines   (Rizal Ave.-Baguio)

    Air-con Php 418.00 (Regular), Php 334.00 (Student/Senior Citizen)

    Note: Bus bound for Baguio City leaves every 1-2hrs starting 4am until 2am, subject to change depending on Dispatcher’s decision

    • Dagupan Bus: Terminal Address: New York Street, Cubao, Quezon City (Cubao-Baguio) For Reservation Call Telephone# 709-0545/ 709-08-03/ 727 2330/ 727 2287
    They charge P432 but will be 445 on February 24, 2012 with one or two stop-overs and without a toilet on board. Travel time is 6 hours.
    • Genesis Transport Services Bus: Unit 101 A Giselle Park Plaza Edsa Corner Rotonda 1300 Pasay City
    • Partas Transportation Co., Inc.
      Address: , 816 Aurora Blvd., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
      Telephone No: (632) 725-1740, 725-1756, 410-1307
      Fax No:
      Address: 518 EDSA San Roque, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
      Telephone No: (632) 851-4025
      Fax No:

    Sit and relax, sleep or eat on the bus, and arrive the City of Pines fresh and energetic. Happy Panagbenga Festival everybody!

    Disclaimer: I am not paid to write for any of this bus companies. I just love sharing free information to everyone. I am not connected in any way to any of this bus companies, so if you have any complaints please contact them directly. Thank you very much.

    Baguio City Panagbenga Festival Updated Calendar of Activities 2012

    Everyone is gearing up for Baguio City’s Panagbenga Festival also known as Baguio Flower Festival.
    Here is the updated Baguio City Panagbenga Festival Updated Calendar of Activities 2012
    Grand Street Dancing 
    February 25, 2012 8:00 a.m.
    Grand Float Parade
    February 26, 2012 8:00 a.m.
    Session Road in Bloom

    February 27 – March 4, 2012

    Pony Boy’s Day

    March 2, 2012
    Panagbenga Shootfest 2012 West Pt. Firing Range, Tuba
    March 3-4, 2012

    Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies at Athletic Bowl

    March 4, 2012

    Grand Fireworks Display at Athletic Bowl

    March 4, 2012 @ 7:00 PM
    10th Panagbenga Open Scrabble Tournament , Golden Pine Hotel

    March 17-18, 2012

    The event on the 25th and 26th from 4am to 1pm South Drive Teacher’s Camp gate to the Military Rotonda to the Session Road and Harrison will be closed for the Panagbenga parade, Both grand street and float parade. Minor events and activities can be found elsewhere all over Baguio City during the whole month of celebration.

    Panagbenga 2012 Schedule of Activities and Events

    Panagbenga 2012 Major Highlights

    Panagbenga Opening Parade February 1, 2012
    Market Encounter February 1 – March 4, 2012
    Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom February 11, 2012
    Handog ng Panagbenga sa Baguio February 12, 2012
    Fluvial Float Parade February 12, 2012
    Chinese Spring Festival February 21, 2012
    Grand Street Dancing Parade February 25, 2012
    Grand Float Parade February 26, 2012
    Session Road in Bloom February 27 – March 4, 2012
    Pony Boy’s Day March 2, 2012
    Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies March 4, 2012
    Grand Fireworks Display March 4, 2012 @ 7:00 PM

    Choco-late de Batirol

    We spent one lazy Saturday afternoon @ Choco-late de Batirol located at Igorot Garden near Gate 2, Camp John Hay, Baguio City. 

     Choco-late de Batirol is not like those air-conditioned restaurants you commonly find in Manila.
    You are like inside a rainforest @ Choco-late de Batirol.
     The flooring consists of pea-sized gravel. The chairs and tables are all made of wood. 
    If you are wondering what Batirol is.  It means a small pot used for cooking chocolate drink, shaped like an urn, with a stirring rod that can be rotated using your palms /chocolate pot /chocolate pot maker.

    Choco-late de Batirol is a hot, thick, bittersweet blend of Cacao with a distinctive texture that calms your nerves and enriches your soul. An ancient choco-late concoction with no preservatives.

     My brother ordered Cold Batirol Choco-Banana Flavor.
    I ordered the famous Cold Batirol Baguio Classic. I like it very much!

    I love their Palabok! It’s very delicious. Pancit Palabok is a Filipino noodle dish of Chinese origin. It is called palabok because the thin rice noodles are covered with a bright colored orange shrimp-flavored thick sauce. Aside from the sauce, pancit palabok has a toppings of prawns, wedge cut hard-boiled eggs, chicharon (pork cracklings), flaked tinapa (smoke fish), fried garlic and chopped of green onions. Then finished it with squeeze calamansi (Philippine Lemon) all over.

    The delicious Turon de Langka comes in (3) three pieces per order. Banana lumpia or Turón is a Philippine dessert, made of thinly sliced bananas (preferably ripe plantains), a slice of jackfruit, dusted with brown sugar, rolled in a papery wrapper and fried. Brown sugar is further added while frying for additional sweetness.

      Verdict: Expensive but they’re very delicious. Two thumbs up!


    I know this is a late post. Because I was having second thoughts whether to publish this or not. As you know the supervisor/ manager @ SM Novaliches apprehended me for taking photographs of their Christmas decor. Bawal mag Shoot doon. No wonder there’s very few people shopping @ that particular SM branch.  

    Last Christmas I promised myself not to promote any SM Malls on my site. I’ve been promoting SM MALLS for FREE.  What a nice way to thank someone who promote them. SM Management should double check the attitude of their supervisor/manager in SM Novaliches. Calling the attention of SM heads. Look how that particular supervisor/ manager scare away potential customers please train him.

    Why would SM put that Christmas display if people could not pose in front of them in the first place right? The supervisor/manager NEEDS TRAINING AND PROPER ORIENTATION. HE IS DISGUSTING. SM NEED CUSTOMER ORIENTED PEOPLE SO SHOPPERS WON’T SHY AWAY FROM THAT PARTICULAR BRANCH. 
    The pictures I have here are photographs from Baguio City SM Branch’s Christmas display.