Baguio residents and visitors were given an extra special place to look forward to this Christmas by the employees of Baguio Country Club. Together they put up a Christmas Village which is a first in Baguio.

Baguio Country Club Christmas Village is an enjoyable adventure for the kids and the kids at heart located just in front of Baguio Country Club’s entrance. For only P 30.00 per person, P10 for children age 4 to 12 years old and FREE for Baguio Country Club members you would experience a magical Christmas. Lights and Show starts at exactly 6 p.m.

As part of their cost-cutting and recycling program they used recycled materials in eighty percent of the miniature houses, synthetic snowman figures, and Christmas trinkets found in the Christmas Village in front of the BCC’s main building.

Recycled materials used in this village were used soda tins and caps, paper cups, empty wine and water bottles, paper,  tarpaulins, lumber and plywood, sawdust, plates, tissue holders, styrofoam containers and other boxes, oil cans, wires, and even construction debris and fallen pine cones, tree barks, and branches.