CHIZ ESCUDERO AND HEART EVANGELISTA: A May December Affair At Election Time?

CHIZ ESCUDERO AND HEART EVANGELISTA: A May December Affair At Election Time?

Latest picture of Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero in Vigan, October 27, 2012.

Showbiz and politics enthusiasts went gaga, (yes, mabaliw baliw) when a series of blind items and intrigues circulated the web and tabloids months
ago about the “newly annulled” Philippine Senator and a father of
twins, Chiz Escudero and kapuso hottie Heart Evagelista who just broke
up with her Brazilian-Japanese model/actor boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga
months ago. 


Heart and Chiz were reportedly “exclusively dating” in public. See picture below.

 Photo from Philstardotcom
The rumor was fueled further when Heart tweeted this:

“I miss you Chiz curls!” heart said on her Twitter account last September 12, 2012.

Chiz is the nickname of Sen. Francis Escudero, to whom Heart  Evangelista or Love Marie Ongpauco in real life has been linked.

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines…according to a famous song.

Fast forward to October 5, 2012. Chiz Escudero finally admitted his relationship with Heart Evangelista in Kris Aquino’s ABS-CBN’s morning show, “Kris TV.”. Yes, just in time for the
campaign period. Though I personally believe that it is unfair to
perceived this as election
gimmick only, a lot of people can’t believe that Heart Evangelista,
whose string of ex-boyfriends includes Daniel Matsunaga, Jerico Rosales
etc.would fall for Chiz.

A few days after Chiz openly admitted in public that they were in a relationship. Heart Tweet Chiz an advance birthday greetings #Kilig factor for the masang Pilipino.

To which Chiz replied: Thank u ma’am! Good morning…:)

I always believe that age doesn’t matter. Although these kind of  relationships between an older guy and a younger woman, inevitably encounter judgments or criticism,  I think, it is only right for the public to give them the benefit of the doubt. One, must take into consideration why a younger woman may be attracted to an older man. Here are several reasons why a younger woman fall in love with an older guy:

  • Older men are more stable.
  • Older men are most likely to commit 
  • Older men are more experienced sexually than a younger woman’s male peers. 
  • And, yes, not to mention the financial benefits of an older partner. Older men tend to be generous and would shower a younger mate with a lot of material things and travels abroad.
  • Emotionally, women develop earlier than men, so a relationship with an older man may be more fulfilling in that way, as well.

People may talk and try to decode the motivation behind why Heart and Chiz are together. I believe they have to stay strong and remember that they don’t have to justify their relationship to anyone.

One must remember that every relationship is unique and it would be silly to judge Chiz and Heart’s relationsip based on their ages. Perhaps we should start by redefining love and beauty and recognizing that men and women don’t just peak during youth. Relationships are more than physical attraction, and it is unfair to think that a May-December romance can’t survive. Love exists in all different forms and among all different ages. 

Btw…here is Hearts’s latest post on Instagram

So what do you think? Personally do you think this is for the election? Would you vote for Chiz this coming election? Why? Please share with us your opinion please.

Broken Heart

My heart got broken exactly four years ago today when my Papa died. I felt the world stopped and my heart stopped beating when they told me my Papa was gone.

I couldn’t believe that my Papa who was so strong-willed will succumb to death without a fight. I always believed that my Papa would survive and spring back to life. That’s how I viewed Papa, someone so strong and gentle at the same time, kind, understanding and loving. I love him so much.

A big part of me died when my Mama died two years before Papa. Yes, I must admit I have never really gotten over the death of my parents. Don’t try to talk me out of my sadness if you still have both your parents with you. Talk is cheap. You will never feel the pain I have in my heart. You will never fit in my shoes. If you also lost both your parents, please impart some words of wisdom to me if you can, please. So I can move on…Yes, this is a cry for help.

I always asked God why he took my Mama and Papa away from me. I know, you will tell me that they’re happy in heaven now. A lot of people told me that. Yes, I know for a fact that my parents are in heaven now. Why? Because my parents were so kind, loving and understanding. I would never trade anything in the world for them. They’re the best parents one could ever wish for.

I hope things will get better now that I understand that this isn’t the end and I will see my mama and papa again. I am lucky I was able to give him a big hug and a kiss before his heart attack. But still, it is difficult to hold back the tears and to stop my longing for my parents.
It’s difficult to let both of you go but I must…I know I must….Please Pray with me for my Papa’s Death Anniversary today…I am literally crying when I compose this post-(

Loving God,

Listen to our prayer as we remember Constancio Sy on the anniversary of his death.
We thank you for the good things you have done among us by his life and example.
Grant that he may rejoice with you in heaven, as we journey to your kingdom.
Keep us faithful in following the way of Jesus that we may live in your love.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


ERAP when asked what advise could he give KC Concepcion and Piolo Pacscual?

Wag kayong mag alala darating din ang tamang lalaki sa inyo.


I know. This is a classic ERAP joke.  O di ba darating din daw ang tamang lalaki both for kc and Piolo so there is no need for them to worry:-) wink wink! lmao!

Moving on….How do you really mend a broken heart?

Sa mga tibag tibag ang puso sa panahon ng kapaskuhan here is an excerpt from MONS ROMULO-TANTOCO’S article:

Don’t let love drive your whole life. That’s why God placed our brain on the top, to use it first before our heart! — Author Unknown

Going through heartbreak is not easy but getting out of it can be if we use our heads. I should know this because I just successfully survived one!  
It’s just a matter of accepting that it is happening to you, lots of prayers and realizing that there is so much more in store for you if you let go.
Everything happens for a reason. I gave myself a time frame — time to grieve and time to move on — re-channeled my energies in doing more productive and positive activities and let events unfold as they should. It’s not that easy but it can be done and as you move on you will just look back at this chapter in your life and smile.

Mons Romulo Tantoco is the daughter of the former DFA Secretary Alberto Romulo, a columnist of Philstar, wife of Sander Tantoco, she was in the gossip columns for weeks when she filed an annullment of her marriage to Sander Tantoco. She learned that her husband had been seeing her friend, Cita Revilla- Yabut. She was broken-hearted. For Valentine, she wrote the article How To mend a Broken Heart which was a collection of thoughts of other celebrities and personalities.

How do you really mend a broken heart? I could not offer you an answer right now. I am still young:-) Young carabao:-)  on the brink of geezerhood ha ha ha! May dementia na pala ha ha ha! Besides, kinakain ko ang puso. Puso ng saging. Ginugulay namin. Hinihiwa siya ng maliliit, pinipiga ang katas at niluluto sa gata. Minsan kapag panahon ng Holy week ginagawa ko siyang anting-anting:-)