The 1st Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse 2017


I am grateful to be invited to the 1st Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse 2017 hosted by the Philippines.  It was held at Peninsula Manila in Makati City last November 27 to 29, 2017.


It was an event to remember.  For two days,  I watched different video entries of different countries.  I experience a roller coaster of emotions.  Some entries made me laugh, some made me think and other video entries made me cry.   In the process, I did not only had a chance to view other countries entries and learned from them but I also gained new friends both locals and international.

Maybe you’re wondering how the first Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse came about? Well,  according to the organizers it was inspired by the events at the Prix Jeunesse International Festival held in Munich, Germany in May 2016.

Noting the scant representation of Southeast Asia in the festival, and recognizing that the SEA region, which has a vast young population, stands to benefit greatly from such a project, Anak TV Inc., through its president Elvira Y. Go ( The chinky eyed lady in Pink), proposed the first Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse, to be staged every two years, falling on the year prior to the PJ festival in Munich, Germany.

Four out of Seven of the Philippines video entries won.  I bet it was a very rewarding experience for those involved in the production of those children’s television video.

One particular person that catch my attention is the 16-year old student who won three trophies.  He was very humble.  He said he can’t still believe it.  He also quips that he thought his work was ugly.  And was really amazed on how come he won three trophies.


The Prix Jeunesse Foundation is known internationally for advocating excellence in children’s television. Established in Germany in 1964, it has been promoting, celebrating and honoring the highest quality in youth and children’s television.

TV producers dream of bringing home recognition from the Prix Jeunesse Festival because it is among the highest honors in children’s media. It is likened to receiving an award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, more popularly known as an Oscar award, in this case, for outstanding achievement in kids’ TV.

The first Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse Festival was well-attended.   Various media entity and television networks participated in the various activities during the three day event.   The jurors were composed of different countries coming from Brunei,  Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines.




Our very own representative from Light Network TV were the person in charge during the competition screenings.  Eden Rose Rivera shared that the judges had various discussions together with the other jurors.  They had a very engaging judging sessions.  They even had justifications on how and why they chose a particular winner, even how they were selected.


The first Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse coincides with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of ASEAN which the Philippines had hosted this year.

The Prix Jeunesse Foundation has agreed to be a partner for the Southeast Asia Festival. The Prix Jeunesse’ Dr. Maya Gotz and Kirsten Schneid will act as advisers, as well as Andreas Klempin of Goethe Institut-Bangkok.

Anak TV, an association of Philippine television networks, was the Chief Convenor, and the one who organized, coordinated with members, and staged the first SEA Prix Jeunesse in Manila.

As a convenor-organization, Anak TV helped set the tone for the succeeding SEA Prix Jeunesse.  It was announced that the SEAPJ will be hosted next by Singapore next year and subsequently be hosted in a round robin style by the various countries of the region. All efforts was aimed at formally establishing and sustaining an independent SEA PJ organization to be run by the groups joining the festival from ASEAN member countries. The organization official name and logo, membership, bylaws, officers and other matters was discussed and decided upon collegially by the various ASEAN stakeholders  with AnakTV, as convenor.

Although inspired by the Munich Prix Jeunesse, the SEA PJ modified some rules of the competition.

For instance, the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL holds the competition ONLY for professionals whose works have been aired either on free TV, cable, digital TV channels, internet or mobile services.

The SEA PJ, on the other hand,  had welcome children, amateurs and students to inspire and prepare the future TV producers in crafting excellent video works for children.

It provided an opportunity for ASEAN children and youth to create video works themselves, works that mirror their aspirations and desires as well as their pride in family and traditions, which Southeast Asian people hold dear.

Each country was encouraged to assemble its own National SEA PJ Committee which ensured that many local entries are generated, local judges are tapped and had evaluated various entries and made sure that enabled each country to select works which it feels can stand the chance at international competition, in terms of strong content and technical polish.

The committee also ensured that entries that every entry were either subtitled or dubbed in English. It also ensured that entries are appropriately categorized and were entered in their proper section.

The head of the said local committee, either elected or appointed internally,  and had sit in the board of SEA PJ and properly represented the said country.

Congratulations to everyone! You’ve done a great job!

I would like to commend and thank #LightNetwork team for a very good job! Excelsior!  Thank you so much Sir Nestor Tugade Laydero, Ms. Eden Rivera,  Ms. Arlene Retania and Atty. Jacky Silva

George Town Ruins

This ruins is a historic site in Penang, Malaysia.   George town has one of the most preserved historical sites and ruins in Malaysia.


It has an interesting mix of old and restored houses. Some of their famous street has art that has faded quite a bit that only adds to its charm.

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