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Tabaco City is located an hour away from Legazpi City and is the home of well-crafted “Tabak” or Bolo” .   Funny as it is, I have to admit, that yes, I was so wrong with my initial impression about Tabaco City.  It turned out Tabaco is well-known for its swords, scissors and bolos.  The mastery of this craft is considered family heirloom and is transferred from generation to generation.  With the recent developments though such as free education up to vocational courses levels, the number of masters in the craft dwindled. So, there’s a possibility that one day, not a single member of the family of those masters would want to continue the tradition of making bolo. After all, it is easier for them and their body (katawan lupa) to just study and look for employment elsewhere rather than to sweat it out at the factory of bolo where one had to do hard labor for hours just to make one single bolo. Video to be inserted here.


My best friend ate Rocelle got assigned in Metrobank in Tabaco for many years when she was still alive.  I always thought Tabaco has acres and acres of tobacco plantation. Lol. Well, for some reasons, I never visited her in Tabaco, maybe because she always visited us in Manila.  And it seems, that there is no need for me to visit her in Tabaco during that time.  Maybe because our friendship was time-tested.  That no distance, travels and years of not seeing one another could break our ties. The ties that binds. She is a friend closer than a sister.  Our friendship went beyond the typical barkadahan in laughter and fun alone.  We had so much more. From crying in pain to crying in sorrow ( she always make it a point to be there for me and I for her, especially during those times when she broke up with her former boyfriend and when I lost my parents).

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I believe, everything happens for a reason.  I lost all the pictures and videos I took together with my micro sd card during the recent Tabak Festivities in Tabaco City. Followed by my laptop refusing to power on.  Oh, did I mentioned that my Sony RX-100 camera had conked out the moment I reached Tabaco?

But God is an almighty God.  August seems to be really good to me.  I felt so blessed since day 1 of August.  Maybe because it is my birthday month.  Yesterday, all I did the whole day was to recover pictures and videos from the roots of my phone and my clouds. That’s the beauty of this so called clouds! It automatically upload all the pictures I took during the event to my private cloud.

The pictures I took using my phone, may not be of topnotch quality but they’re all mine. Please bear with me, as I try to clean the pictures.  I would like to thank the people who invited me to Tabaco City most especially Mayor Cielo Krisel Lagman- Luistro, Sir Eric Valeriano of Tourism Office,  Sir Rome Candaza of Malilipot Albay.   Thank you also to the Vice Mayor for sending us a Japanese cuisine for dinner.  Salamat ( thank you also) to the drivers, tourism employees, the local government of Tabaco City and most especially to the people of Tabaco City who lent their time to tour us around and answer our questions.  You give us a memory of a wonderful Tabaco City. Dios Mabalos sa saindo gabos.


















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