Many years ago, I wrote about “triangle of travel“.   Yes, Siree!  My triangle of travel includes, good health, time and money.  Three essential elements that ensure that we get to enjoy a happy travel.

Each one of us has different preferences when it comes to travel.  Like for example my cousin Charissa,  she loves long-haul flights,  while my friend Jessica loves road trips and I love food trips! Ha ha ha! Well, isn’t it obvious? Lol.

But, alas, sometimes sickness prevents us from having a memorable and enjoyable trip no matter how long we plan ahead, and yes, even if you have enough funds to cover the cost of transportation and hotels.  Thus, it is essential that we have a healthy well being at all times so we can have a worry-free vacation.

Let’s focus on having a healthy state of body and mind. And here’s a line of health and wellness for your travel needs!

United Home Ascorbic Acid.png

United Home Ceetab (Ascorbic Acid) – helps promote immunity against sickness. SRP per piece Php1.75

United Homes Dizitab.png

United Home Dizitab (Meclizine HCl) – relief from dizziness/motion sickness (for long-haul flights and road trips) Cost per piece Php9.50

United Home Supracid.png

United Home Supracid (Sodium Bicarbonate) – relief from hyperacidity (for food trips) only 0.75

United homes Lormide.png

United Home Lormide (Loperamide) – relief from diarrhea/LBM (for food trips) Php8.00

These medicines are only an example on what you can do to ensure good health.

United Home offers quality-proven products from Unilab at an affordable cost!

My September 23, 2013 article:

FALAFEL YO: A Taste of Israel

Falafel Main Picture.jpg

Falafel Yo! classic sandwich is one of the most satisfying non-meat based meal I ever had to date. It is very tasty and yummy! Yes, I refused to call it a snacks basically because of its size. I didn’t expect that their serving size was really enormous. Yes, it is huge enough that two to three people could share in one Falafel Yo! classic sandwich.

I am not a fan of veggies. So, when I first saw the event invitation mentioning garbanzos or chickpeas, parsley, coriander, garlic and Mediterranean spices, I had second thoughts. But, as fate would have it, I attended Falafel Yo!’s grand opening event yesterday. Boy, was I surprise that the Falafel sandwich I ordered dances inside my mouth. It has a fusion of flavors that makes it one notch higher than your regular sandwich! The imported seasonings from Israel must be the secret!

Falafel Yo owner.jpg

I discovered too from Guy Mann, Falafel Yo!’s General Manager that it is Israel’s national snacks. And they did not scrimp on the ingredients because they wanted Filipinos to taste the authentic Falafel that they used to have back in Israel. He even mentioned that it is Israel’s version of “Mang Inasal”

I really love their mango flavored dip! It also have olive oil mind you, healthy peeps! I know, those who know me personally would be probably in awe on how in the world did I learned to love vegetables. Ha ha ha!

Falafel Yo.jpg
Hand model Gus Villa of Gus Station

Well, simple, the vegetable was neatly packed inside the warm, chewy pita bread with the six crisp, beautifully browned falafel balls on a bed of salad served with Tahini sauce and yogurt. Customers have options whether to have a “side salads”, or add-ons like fried eggplant, homemade hummus, pickled onions ( or sumac), roasted green chilies, cabbage, lettuce, Mediterranean lean tomato and cucumber mix from Falafel Yo’s salad bar. Kids and adults alike would love Falafel Yo! Sandwich. Believe me, your brain would send the approval signal on your first bite.


I have not yet tried their experimental sandwich aptly labeled Falafel Beast because it has beef on it. I am excited to try it next time I visit the Falafel Kiosk.

Falafel Yo crowd.jpg

By the way, the Falafel sandwich I had were greatly complimented by their super delicious mint flavored lemongrass drink.

Falafel Yo 2.jpg

Anyway, you’re in for a very big treat today, July 1, 2017, Saturday. Falafel Yo! will be giving their classic sandwich ABSOLUTELY FREE to their first 100 customers starting at 10 o’clock in the morning. Falafel Yo is conveniently located at the 4th floor of Greenbelt 3, Ayala Malls, Makati City ( Just above the 3rd floor cinema)

Photography by Cha Sy