ILOCOS SUR: Banaoang Bridge

Jump Shot of Cha Sy at Banaoang Bridge

I had an amazing time at Banaoang Bridge in Ilocos Sur.  If you love taking photos then you can have a pit stop there and enjoy its majestic backdrop!

Photography by Cha Sy

This 456-meter bridge is located in Barangay Banaoang, Santa, Ilocos Sur.  The bridge’s name is really Quirino Bridge but it is more popularly known as Banaoang Bridge.   iIt majestically connects and separates two transcending mountains.

teneneng girls.JPG

This steel trusses bridge was no longer being used since it was damaged by a typhoon in 2001. When it was damaged by a typhoon it was replaced with a newer bridge.  The new Quirino bridge was constructed to replace the old Banaoang bridge that got damaged but the government had it preserved and now became a must see, must visit tourist attraction since it is very near Vigan City.   It is 20-minute motorcycle ride from the town proper.  Please take note that heavy vehicles are strictly not allowed to pass there.  It is not only a tourist attraction but also a backup bridge.

If you’re a photographer, then you would really love the picturesque panorama view from the Banaoang/Quirino bridge.  The Abra mountain backdrop is a sight to behold. You could also avail of the ZipLine that would carry you across the river for around Php300, Price may change without prior notice.

Ilocos Quezon Bridge Cha Solo Pix.JPG

Photography by Kieth Walter Ayuso

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