Summer time is the best season of the year to have an outdoor barbecue and to go swimming.  Tagaytay is the best option if you want to cool down a bit from the hot Metro Manila Weather because of its proximity.  Afterall, it is less than three hours drive.

tagaytay highlands outdoor pool

One of the best places to do your outdoor barbecue party and swimming is Tagaytay Highlands.  Tagaytay Highlands is exclusive to members and their guests.  Even if you have lots of money you could not just go there and demand for the guards to let you in.

Bull grill event bbq.JPG

This by invitation only barbecue party was made into reality by Wilcon Builders in partnership with Bull Grill from the USA , Food Magazine, Working Mom and Abs-Cbn.

If you spell fun with how great the ambiance is and how delicious the food is, Then you’ll love our fun outdoor barbecue feast at Tagaytay Highlands!

Tagaytay highlands Chef Jessie and I

Together with Chef Jessie .

bull event 3

And my other blogger friends

tagaytay highlands flor and I

We had so much fun in the sun!


With Lucia, Annalyn’s lovely daughter <3

Tagaytay highlands with Jerry Tiu and Wilcon Builders owner

With Jerry Tiu, ( Chris’s Tiu’s dad) one of the owners of Tagaytay Highlands and Ms. Rosemarie Ong, Wilcon Depot Owner.

Summer is the best time for an outdoor picnic so go ahead and buy your very own Bull barbecue grill exclusively distributed by Wilcon Depot in the Philippines.



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