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Baguio Cathedral photo taken using my three-year old Sony RX 100 Mark I inside a speeding van during my recent trip to the city of Pines.

Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral is well known as Baguio Cathedral not only in Baguio City but also all over the Philippines.

its distinctive pink exterior, with a rose window and twin square belfries with pyramidal roofs.  It prided itself with a large courtyard with a viewing deck that overlooks Session Road and the downtown commercial district of Baguio.

You can reach the cathedral via private car or by foot.  Yes, don’t worry if you’re on foot. The cathedral is accessible to pedestrians from Session Road via 100-step stone staircase that ends at a Calvary, or through the adjacent campus of Saint Louis University.

Its official address is Mt. Mary Hill, Cathedral Loop, Baguio City, Benguet.  Telephone number is 442-4256.



Summer time is the best season of the year to have an outdoor barbecue and to go swimming.  Tagaytay is the best option if you want to cool down a bit from the hot Metro Manila Weather because of its proximity.  Afterall, it is less than three hours drive.

tagaytay highlands outdoor pool

One of the best places to do your outdoor barbecue party and swimming is Tagaytay Highlands.  Tagaytay Highlands is exclusive to members and their guests.  Even if you have lots of money you could not just go there and demand for the guards to let you in.

Bull grill event bbq.JPG

This by invitation only barbecue party was made into reality by Wilcon Builders in partnership with Bull Grill from the USA , Food Magazine, Working Mom and Abs-Cbn.

If you spell fun with how great the ambiance is and how delicious the food is, Then you’ll love our fun outdoor barbecue feast at Tagaytay Highlands!

Tagaytay highlands Chef Jessie and I

Together with Chef Jessie .

bull event 3

And my other blogger friends

tagaytay highlands flor and I

We had so much fun in the sun!


With Lucia, Annalyn’s lovely daughter <3

Tagaytay highlands with Jerry Tiu and Wilcon Builders owner

With Jerry Tiu, ( Chris’s Tiu’s dad) one of the owners of Tagaytay Highlands and Ms. Rosemarie Ong, Wilcon Depot Owner.

Summer is the best time for an outdoor picnic so go ahead and buy your very own Bull barbecue grill exclusively distributed by Wilcon Depot in the Philippines.



TV5’s LAKBAI REALITY TRAVEL ADVENTURE SHOW: Features Presidential Son Baste Duterte and Friends


After my 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. training class in Makati, I immediately went to BGC for TV5’s Lakbai travel show presscon. I got there a little bit early because I was really excited to meet Baste.  Thanks to my teacher/trainor Ma’am Quich who dismissed us a little bit early.  I was able to eat an early dinner, catch up with blogger friends and had enough time to prepare my camera, sd card and battery just in time for the presscon that started at around 7 p.m.

baste in action sa surfing.png
Photo Credits to the owner

LAKBAI is a witty compressed form of “Lakaw Ta Bai” in Davaoeno dialect or Visayan language which translates to “Lakad tayo, kaibigan” in Tagalog or “Tara Na Bes!” in Tagalog slang.  It is a clever title that also connote the Tagalog word “Lakbay” which means “Travel” so the best translation I could think of is “Let’s travel my friend” in English.

baste duterte 1
Photo Credits to the owner

“Wala eh, hindi ko na mapigilan kasi, ‘di ba? Nag-decide na lang ako to try showbiz (I can’t help it, I can’t stop it, isn’t it?  that’s why I just decided to try showbiz),” the 29-year old Sebastian “Baste” Duterte said at TV5’s Lakbai’s media launch held at Aracama Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City on Wednesday night.

Lakbai baste squad.png
Photo Credits to Baste’s FB Page

Baste also shared that the producer who presented the reality tv format show did not have a hard time luring him in.  “They didn’t convince me. Desisyon ko lang ito. Sayang din naman iyong suweldo. Iyon lang naman iyon (This is my own decision.  I don’t want to pass the chance to earn money.  That’s all there is to it),” Duterte shared.

baste and sboi
Photo from Baste’s instagram.  It shows a glimpse of the young Duterte’s playful nature in the company of his bff S’Boi. Ha ha ha!

“If this doesn’t work out, puwede naman akong umuwi sa Davao (I’ll go back home to Davao),” he added.

Baste lakbai presscon.JPG

Everyone had a good laugh with the witty answers of the young Duterte.

Lakbai baste dad and mom.png

His father, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PRRD) is famous for his witty one-liner similar to the ones Baste said during the press conference.  I guess it is part of the charm of the Duterte’s.


But as far as acting is concerned, Baste Duterte said he is closing his doors.

“Wala talaga akong talent sa pag-acting. Ito kasi travel show, reality pa. Wala na akong babaguhin. Bayaran lang ako (I don’t have talent for acting.  This is a travel show, what’s more it’s a reality show.  I don’t have to change anything about myself.  I’m just gonna get paid for this),” Baste Duterte said.

baste and ellen.png
Photo Credit to Sebastian Duterte’s Instagram Account

This is Baste Duterte’s first bid in the local entertainment scene.  It you can still recall, Baste’s only close brushed in show business was through his involvement with sexy star Ellen Adarna.  Whom he had an eight months relationship.

Baste kissing Ellen.png
Photo Credits to the owner

He claims to ba camera shy, so the producer of the show, Jako De Leon ( Joey De Leon’s son) made sure he’ll be comfortable by allowing him to star together with some of his closest friends —his best friend since Kindergarten S’Boi Malicay,  his lawyer who eventually became his drinking buddy and friend Atty. Alexis Lumbatan and his surfing videographer who eventually became his friend Andrei Apostol.

lakbai casts and tv 5 producers.JPG

It also feature viral video sensation, Bogart the Explorer, who also hails from Davao and has an above average “Australian Accent”.

“You’ve seen me being funny in my travel videos. But in this show, these guys are the funny ones. They’re hilarious. You’ll love them,” Bogart the explorer said.

“I’ve done a solo travel show, and I can tell you this is 100 times more fun talaga,” he quips.


Baste Duterte and his friends will personally show us the different places in the Philippines that are less travelled. The show’s producer promises everyone that the places they’ve covered for Lakbai were never seen before.  Since it is a reality show among friends expect it to be hilarious, comfortable and easy to relate to. Just like your own barkada trip.  Baste and his squad promises you that you’ll find yourself laughing so hard when you watch their show.

lakbai casts and I.JPG

A special guest will also appear in each episode. For the first episode the only clue they gave me is sexy, female.  So, in order for you to know who that special guest is don’t forget to watch the pilot episode on May 21 after the PBA game over at TV 5.

The show, which will air every Sunday night after the Philippine Basketball Association games, runs for an hour per episode, and will cover two to three places per installment.

Lakbai presscon1.JPG

According to TV 5 Head of Programming Mell Yazon-Tolentino the places that was visited by Baste and friends are the city of Mati in Davao Oriental, the city of Dumaguete in Negros Oriental, Siargao and the provinces of Bukidnon and Siquijor.

Lakbai Baste squad 2

“Lakbai” premieres on May 21, 2017 after the PBA match between Ginebra and San Miguel.  It there’s no overtime I think Lakbai’s premiere episode will be shown at around 8:45 p.m. if there’s an overtime.  So better eat dinner or prepare your snacks and rate Baste on his first ever reality television show.

Lakaw ta bai!

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