PASIG RIVER: Zooper Cruise

PASIG RIVER: Zooper Cruise

zooper cruise stilt houses

Choosing to save a river is more often an act of passion than of careful calculation. You make the choice because the river has touched your life in an intimate and irreversible way, because you are unwilling to accept its loss. — David Bolling

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Do you have a few pesos to spare but don’t have the luxury of time to go to another country? Well, rejoice, you’re in luck because you could experience a wonderful time without overspending, and without cutting down on the fun. You don’t even have to go outside Metro Manila for your sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The Philippines is blessed with beautiful destinations, natural and man-made alike. And Pasig River is one of the most beautiful gateway that we should help rehabilitate so the future generations will be able to enjoy it in the years to come, not only by Filipinos but also by the rest of the world.


I’ve travelled extensively in the different places in the Philippines and in South East Asia and I could say that the Philippines is really beautiful.

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Of course my travels are mostly diy’s and within a budget and not your typical luxurious, expensive getaway!  Why? Because based on my experience you can have a wonderful time in the different places here in the Philippines even when you’re on a budget. Yes, even if you consider yourself poor. It’s all a matter of planning, proper budgeting, and preparation.


Do you want to experience how it is to travel from Makati to Binondo sans traffic? Well, you can do that! Plus, you don’t need to spend a huge amount to have fun with friends and family this summer.  Not a lot of people know about this hidden treasure that is traversing Pasig River.  All my photos were taken aboard the Zooper Cruise.

zooper cruise stilt houses

I was not aware that there are stilt houses along Pasig River!  All the views on this blog post were taken when I availed of the Zooper cruise! They’re magnificent!

zooper cruise 2

Did you know that you can avail of the Zooper cruise happening every first Saturday of the month from Makati to Escolta in Binondo for Under Php2,000 inclusive of two snacks and dinner? Whoah! You might say, yes kabagang! It is under Php2,000! Imagine the money you can save plus you need lesser time to spend on the commute! This transport solution is very affordable.  It remind me of Singapore amphibian bus and Hong Kong ferry boat!

Zooper Cruise Valenzuela

Our journey began at Alveo Showroom where we had a light snacks then we were then brought by a white coaster to Valenzuela Ferry Station in Makati.

zooper cruise led and tiger.JPG

Look at the Tiger stuffed toy! It is so huggable! The Zooper cruise has a huge LED TV!

zooper cruise seats.JPG

It has comfortable seats and clean comfort rooms.

I think putting an air-conditioned boats in Pasig River is a work of a genius. It helps reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. On average, an average-sized sedan will spew about 575 pounds of carbon monoxide annually, according to an EPA study on emissions. Carpooling could potentially cut that to about half, if more people did it. But, travelling via an air-conditioned boat that can accommodate 115 passengers could actually cut the carbon footprint to almost 1/8!


I was really excited and Zooper cruise did not fail me! I even saw the front view of Malacanang Palace up close via the Zooper Cruise along Pasig River.

Pasig river is very rich in history! I really love all the trivia shared by the boat’s captain Ed Bondad.

I learned from him that there are eight bridges from Makati to Escolta. And that the distance from the Valenzuela port in Makati to Escolta is 27 kilometers. The Pasig River is a river in the Philippines that connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay.

Did you know that?

did you know 3

Manila’s old name is Amarula.


In Escolta ferry boat station, they docked the boat and we were given an hour to roam around Escolta in Manila.


Our first stop was the Sta. Cruz Church.


Then we stopped by Polland Hopia Restaurant to buy “Pasalubong” and drink some hot tea and eat black mongo hopia courtesy of Ms. Grace Bondad-Nicolas. Thank you, Ms. Grace.

zooper cruise Polland merienda.JPG

We head back to the boat after our merienda. And we then went back to Makati via the Zooper Cruise.  Singer May Rivera sang her famous “Aray” song and comedienne Mahal entertained us with a song and dance number while we traverse the Pasig River from Escolta to Makati.

zooper cruise may rivera and mahal

Upon arrival at Valenzuela Port,  we boarded a white coaster that brought us to Misono Restaurant where we had our dinner. We enjoyed a bento box dinner consisting of Japanese rice, chicken, breaded pork and vegetables.  I also enjoy a hot calamansi drinks.

zooper cruise dinner.JPG

Plus dak galbi korean dish. It was delicious!

Zooper cruise dak galbi.JPG

Every time you share rides with someone, like the Zooper cruise there’s less carbon monoxide in the air. When you ride the Zooper cruise, you also get to talk to people and have a wonderful experience and gain knowledge about our not so distant past.

zooper cruise view 3

For those who are not fond of solo travel, you can bring your whole family to Zooper Cruise. I bet they’ll have a great time in this cool ride and breathtaking views.

zooper cruise postal office twilight.JPG

You could even book your birthday, anniversary, wedding etc. just send me an e-mail at

Zooper Cruise is under the Zoomanity Group! Special thanks to Zoomanity CEO, Mr. Robert Yupangco and to the very industrious Ms. Grace Bondad-Nicolas for the great experience.

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Mr. Robert Yupangco told me that on December 2017, we can hop-on to his newest venture!  An amphibious craft for a sightseeing tour which covers both land and sea! Isn’t that amazing?

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