BAGUIO CITY: Unique Way to Discover Nature

My summer vacation in Baguio City would not be complete if I have not tried the canopy ride inside Tree Top Adventure Park.   For nature lovers like me, it is the ultimate natural playground one can experience while in Baguio City.  It provides endless fresh air and space for your mind and body to stretch out and enjoy.

Tree top cha pose

To tell you the truth,  the daredevil in me wanted to try their superman ride, silver surfer adventure ride and tree drop but ended up utilizing the motorized canopy ride only.  The medical team did not allow me to try all the other rides for my own good.  Ika nga, safety first.  They don’t want me to take the risk because of my medical condition.

Canopy Ride


Safety first.

Tree top harness area

First things first, I was made to put on a protective helmet and buckled with safety harness at a designated area.  Then, I was instructed to sit down and wait for my turn.

Tree top platform.JPG

While waiting for my turn, I observed that all the structures are designed to allow trees to grow free of restriction.  That’s nice, I think.

tree top long platform

After a while, I was made to stand and step on an industrial steel matting.  I was dizzy at first when I look down at the open mesh platform on top of the trees.   I then slowly made my way up to the edge of the platform.

Tree top canopy plastic seats.JPG

Then, I was made to sit in a sturdy plastic canopy seat suspended in mid-air.  I was then safely secured and buckled up by the friendly Tree Top assistant.  He also double checked, actually triple checked whether I was properly attached to the wires.  There were words about safety, how to hold the  your cameras tightly with your hands because once it fell down it would be goodbye to your camera na, how to lean back and cross your legs, and mostly, how to just enjoy the view.  It is a good thing that I am not afraid of heights.

Tree top birds eye view.JPG

I was suspended approximately 100 feet above the ground in a harness attached to a thin wire, motorized device and travelling at around 5 maybe 8 km/hr.  I felt so safe. I almost took a nap. Ha ha ha!

Tree top view underneath.JPG

Well, you may think it was so easy for me to say all these because I don’t have a fear of heights.  Well, I may look and sound strong, but I must admit that I was also nervous the first time I look down.  After you get over your initial  nervousness, you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll get to appreciate the wilderness of nature just  below you.   I tried exploring wildlife among the tree-tops but didn’t find any. Maybe next time.  The tree-tops was beautiful up there!

Tree top other side.JPG

I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Tree Top Adventure’s property located deep within the Cool Cordillera Mountain from a perspective unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!


Summer is the perfect opportunity for the adventurous-at-heart to kick their stiletto heels and soar high in the sky!  Even if you’re a bit nervous at the start, everything will be okay.  You will receive a thorough explanation of all of the quality equipment and hardware used, which eases the fears of even those that historically have a fear of heights.  If you have any further questions about the course or equipment, feel free to call their attention.

Tree top thick vegetation.JPG

Not all canopy tours are created equal! In fact, I had experienced how it was in Beijing in China. And there’s a huge differences when comparing the Baguio Canopy ride to my nervous laden canopy ride in China. The one in China were meant for daredevils because you don’t have any harness only a thin round pipe prevents you from falling down!   Unlike many other canopy rides,  Tree Top Adventures and Natures Park Baguio offers a canopy tour that’s perfect for everyone.  The speed and heights are enough to provide an adrenaline rush, but even small children has no trouble doing the ride through the course by themselves.

Tree top wild flowers

I was transported in three (3) different stations for a bird’s eye view of the amazing nature park.  I saw different wild flowers, trees, and the magnificent partial view of the South China Sea.

Tree top partial view south china sea.JPG

There is nothing quite like seeing the world from a tree canopy,  it’s a new way to appreciate the great Baguio outdoors.  I walked away with memories to cherish and sense of accomplishment.

tree top Canopy ride.JPG

And for you healthy beings,  try to challenge yourself with the different ultimate WOW factor experiences inside the Tree top Adventure and Nature Park!

tree top adventure

Take your pick of the fun work out trekking a portion of the park, or you could opt to indulge in the breathtaking views and the extreme thrill of the Superman Ride or silver surfer adventure ride and the thrilling tree drop.

Explore your senses whilst developing your fitness and reflex skills.

So, the next time you’re in Baguio get up-close and personal with native pine tree and visit the team park located just inside Camp John Hay.

Tree Top Adventure and Nature Park cater for most age groups and fitness levels. Bookings recommended.

Tree Top Adventure and Nature Park is located at Loakan Road, Camp John Hay, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines.

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