BAGUIO: Summer Team Building At Tree Top Adventure

“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” -Kenyan Proverb
 tree top adventure group shot
Last weekend,  I participated in a team building activity with 15 other bloggers at the Tree Top Adventure Park in the summer capital of the Philippines—Baguio City.  It was a breath of fresh air to personally experienced again how it is to be a part of a team building activity.
tree top adventure park logo at the entrance

Tree Top Adventure Park Baguio offers eight (8) unique team games, the first of its kind in the Philippines. The package rate starts at only Php800 per person and that already includes the following:

  •  facilitator
  •  team building kits (name tags, arm bands, and materials to be used for the chosen activities)
  •  and company certificates of participation.
We were divided into two groups. Wherein the other group were composed of 9 individuals and our team had 8 members.  They have an import from Azalea, her name is Maki and Nicole the daughter of the photographer, who also blog! The more the merrier! She’s such a sweet kid I am glad that she also joined the fun!
Team Tanders.png
Team Tanders members.  Photo from Axl

Our team is called Team Tanders ( someone who is old. Matanda.  Aguy!  Slang for Nirarayuma. Ha ha ha! ) Because most of our members are in their 20’s 30’s, 40’s and 50’s I guess even in their ’60’s.

team pia.png
The other team’s name is Team Pia ( I guess because they idolized 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach).

With nature as our backdrop. Everyone had tons of fun during our team building adventure! We were all laughing and everybody is in good spirit.  The cool Tree Top Adventure and Nature Park Baguio has a really positive effect on people.  Nature really heals.  The unique setting helps us to loosen up and the breezy cool air helps a lot. You could see from the faces of each and everyone who participated in the event that they really had a good time!  It brought back memories of my college years and corporate stint.  My mind and my heart were filled with joy and selflessness.  It must be the good quality of air inside the Tree Top adventure that made us more level headed.

Tree top wild flowers

Selfless.  Yes, that’s what you become when you play together with your teammates. That’s the secret ingredient to a champion team.  In order for a team to be successful you have to had ONE common goal.  To row in one direction and to become as one with all of your other teammates.

Our first team challenge was the ABC GAME

Photography by Cha Sy

Our team, which is compose of eight (8) individuals were asked to form two (2) opposite straight lines with four (4) members on each line.  We were made to stand with our back from the back of our other teammates on the opposite side of the Skywalk.  Each team member has to recite one letter from the alphabet, as the team tries to recite all the letters of the alphabet in its proper sequence.

Easy peasy.  Yeah, it seems easy at first, because everybody knows the alphabet by heart, right? But, hold your horses!  The challenge lies on the rule that was set.

The Rules: The person beside you, be it on your left or right and the person in front of you cannot utter the next letter!  Toink! That complicate things, ha ha ha! Plus the 4 meters distance while you’re standing on the opposite side of the skywalk with your back from the other players will greatly reduce your hearing comprehension!

Since, I only got to met some of them once in a while from bloggers event, I am not really close to them.  And in the case of Clint, it is the first time that I met him in person.  So, I am not really familiar with their voices except for Axl and Cheryl.

Lesson learned from the activity:  Shut up and listen.  Lol!  Oh, my gulay!  That’s hard for talkative people like us. Ha ha ha! Imagine, we’re standing on our back, far apart from one another ( a good 4 meters away from the other line that constitute the other four team members and about 2 meters away from my teammate on my left side)

The Secret: Listen intently and louder your voice, be humble accept the fact that you need each other to complete the task!

Yes, I listened intently at the voice of my teammates and shout with all my might so that the next person will be able to hear and deliver the next letter.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the speaking voice of your teammates, stop, listen intently and deliver what is expected of you!

The valuable lesson I learned was to know how to stop talking and learned how to listen well.  Plus a louder voice could help your other teammates to hear you well so they too could deliver their end of the bargain.  Yes, peeps! Teamwork is wherein eight individuals works as one.

Our best time: 11 seconds. Not bad, huh!

A bar lifting challenge that requires marbles to be balanced in bars.  Our facilitator called it gems!  Personally,  the first time, I’ve heard him saying “gems” I was expecting to see diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst and the like,  ha ha ha!  But it is marble after all.The bar lifter balance is a fun game that tested our team’s patience and coordination skills.  I am glad that we passed with flying colors!  Perfect!Realization: Communication is key for the success of a team.
Using only our index fingers,  each of us team members, tries to lower a loop from one loop stand to another loop stand as fast as we can without any gems falling.  This activity thought as to practice patience and coordination.  At first, I thought the loop is heavy.   The nice realization? When you’re with a group of people or with your team everything becomes lighter! Yeah!
Since our team (Team Tanders) had finished the first three challenges first, we were asked to wait for the other team ( Team Pia) at the van.   After waiting for them for like forever lol, we headed back to our hotel and ate a sumptuous lunch! I love Azalea’s Sinigang! And the Chocolate de Azalea!  Wait that’s another story!
After lunch, we came back to Tree Top again and face five(5) more challenges.
Cheering Competition
Team work
First challenge: Each team were asked to compose a cheer and execute it. With only a few minutes to prepare,  we brainstorm for ideas and Orlee, our team leader, came up with “We will rock you” song as our entrance “pang gulat” song as we enter the imaginary stage.
My idea was for everybody to shout out each letter of our team and for each team member to execute the letter using body language! Yay!
George,  our “youngest” team member thought our team’s name was T H U N D E R S.  He was so hilarious! He said we’re the only thunders who moves very slowly.   His wife, Cheryl, called his attention and told him that our team name was T A N D E R S  ( meaning old because most of our members are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s,  Clint was the oldest team member at 26. Ha ha ha!).
Clint came up with the idea of exclamation point because our team’s name has only seven (7) letters. Ha ha ha! Atta boy!
Rence, suggested to imitate UST’s cheer that changed to Tanders became, Go Tanders! Go Tanders! Go, go, go!
We lost in this particular category according to Sir Jace, but one of the judges, Sir Paul said he marked our cheering performance the winner.   Thank you Sir Paul for not settling to a recycled cheer performance from last year, Ha ha ha!
To the other judge, your taste sucks! Ha ha ha! Joke!
Realization:  One of the signs of a great leader is their capability of communicating well with his team, and vice versa.
This one is easy!  We were able to hone our coordination skills and accomplish a perfect cube drop using push and pull strategies in the fastest time possible.  We clock at 26 minutes!  We won this particular game!Being responsible, an effective communicator, a trustworthy listener and being willing to understand different ideas and perspectives, are all qualities that will help us adapt to many different challenges.
Team Tanders,  nailed this particular activity!  Everybody in our team cooperated wholeheartedly and listened intently for the instructions.  And it paid off!  We had zero accident and each of the members had fun time balancing using our hips ha ha ha! The idea of this activity is to strike a balance in the fastest time using a kamikaze-inspired see saw to test the team members patience and communication skills.Because knowing how to adapt is essential for working effectively in teams, in both personal and professional capacity. This is owing to the fact that the workplace environment is constantly changing, as is the world as a global marketplace. Team-work and team building skills have become crucial for success in the corporate sector.
tree top steps.png
Our team, Team Tanders were composed of eight (8) individuals and we relied on one another to travel from one station to another station without touching the floor using only the four planks of wood provided.  It was one of the most difficult tasks we had done during the team building! We’re all sweaty after we successfully surpassed the activity!  If there is trust within the team, productivity will increase and there will also be a boost in the team’s confidence.
Each of us, team members were given short pipes ( around twelve (12) inches long ) which we used to transfer a ping pong ball from one pipe to another that started from one station then finally transferred to another station without letting the ball fall to the ground.
Realization: Conflict within a team is nearly unavoidable because of the varying viewpoints, personalities, experiences, and skills of each team member.  When a team member is facing a difficulty they should feel confident that they can speak with their leader, who will then address the problem, and help resolve it in a professional manner.
This is the final challenge for both teams. We were given  a jigsaw puzzle (cut pieces of a map) that we formed into one whole picture that made us able to see the bigger picture and determine the exact location of the treasure.  Two (2) deignated team members, run and retrieved the treasure after which,  we were given another puzzle to solved.  Almost all of us were so physically and mentally tired that day! I can’t think clearly anymore by the time this activity were presented to us, ha ha ha!
Can you solve this under time pressure?
tree top treasure hunt
Working effectively as a team creates momentum, improves morale, wins contests, and can even save lives!
Team work ROCKS
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan
We were so happy that our group emerged as the overall champion! The secret?  We just stop, look and listen.  We just enjoyed ourselves, laugh uncontrollably, did our best and followed every instructions given to us and of course we pray together !  Team Pia, with all its bells and whistles lost, aguy! Ha ha ha! Seriously now, though my team, team Tanders were declared officially the overall champion and were awarded with fresh vegetables and mug, I honestly think that both teams wins!  Why? Because each team members selflessly shared their individual time, talent and energy to conquer all the obstacles and fight until the end!
So, congratulations is in order for both teams, Team Tanders and Team Pia, congratulations!   As cliché as it may sound,  I think we should all care about one another and not backstab other team or team members.  After all we are all Filipinos and we belong to the same blogosphere!
Tree top sky.JPG
Doing all these different activities under the Baguio sky and cool environment of Tree top Adventure and Nature Park made me realized that in order to succeed in a contemporary business environment the ability to adapt and to work in the team are the two most essential qualities that could propel you to a greater heights!
So, for all the companies out there, why don’t you try the team building package of Tree Top Adventure and Nature Park in Baguio this summer?  I personally believe, that a company had to have a healthy work environment to have both team leaders and team members to be able to trust and respect each other.  This is vital for a company to continue to grow and improve.
Aside from the standard packages available at Tree Top Adventure and Nature Park, you can customize the Team Building activities that you want for your employees. Yes!  You can come out with your own team building activities that you want to experience.  Don’t worry you’re safe at Tree Top Adventure Park.  They have competent staff members and medical rescuers on standby.  So, I can say you’re in good hands with Tree Top Adventure Park.   Isn’t it amazing? Amazing!
For inquiries click here.
Loakan Road, Camp John Hay, Baguio
This Summer Get away will not be possible if not for the following:
  • Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas of TAG Media
  • Tree Top Adventure Baguio
  •  Sir Jace Mendoza and Sir Rilley of Tree Top Adventure
  •  Sir Paul, Ms. Maki, Mr.Arfourth and most especially to Sir Adrian
  •  Azalea Residences Baguio
Daghan Salamat po! Sa uulitin!
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