Yesterday, I went to a luncheon meeting with somebody who claims to be a pr/ senior marketing manager of a reputable bank. He said he got my contact information from a blogger friend whom I asked several times via private message if he really knows the guy who contacted me, unfortunately he did not answer my querry. 
Not thinking straight, or shall we say I got enticed and excited on what kind of job he’ll be offering me, I went to the venue as agreed upon only to find out at the last minute that he moved the meeting to another location. When I arrived at the restaurant where he set the lunch meeting, he offered me the menu so I ordered lunch.  He then asked me to transfer to another table because he has two more friends who are coming. ( Not only once but twice! I find that weird.) On the second table he asked me what’s my plan for the next 5 years, etc. and then showed me a presentation on his tab and left me at the table to go to his friends who had just arrived and was sitting at another table. 

After a while he asked me to moved to another table. When we settled down finally to a table by the window, he then showed me a brochure. We were interrupted when his girl friend asked him for the products she ordered.  He then opened his bag and gave her a pen and products so she could ask the guy she was meeting with to sign a contract.  After a while,  he called the waiter’s attention, he then instructed him to put his tab to the table of his friends. The waiter came back with my chit and asked for my payment.  Buti na lang may pera ako, paano kung wala? Hugas plato ang peg?
I find it very unethical of him, allegedly a senior marketing manager of a very reputable bank who earn thousands if not million of pesos a year to offer me ( an unemployed Ruptured Brain Aneurysm survivor who should be applying for disability because of her health condition) a lunch invitation where I ended up paying for my overpriced lunch of tapa and overcooked egg with rice in very small portion with no drinks priced at Php240, you could have that very same meal at tapa king for only 88 pesos with drinks. Grrrraaabbeee!

He asked me not to disclose what transpired during the lunch meeting to my bf, husband or whoever. Ano ka hilo?  As a blogger, it is my responsibility to warn my readers of scams concocted by silly individuals. Damn you!  Does your bosses from the Ayala owned bank know that you are using company time to do your networking biz?

Money can be earned without sacrificing your dignity.


  1. Yikes Grabe! I have lots of friends who were forcing me to join their networking as well. Promising that they can earn 200k per week, blah blah blah. In your case, super irritating yung sayo sis, sayang effort pag punta! 🙁

  2. We've had a couple of people (some are friends, others are complete strangers) try to get us into this networking thing. When they tell us that they earn hundreds of thousands a month, we simply ask, "So bakit nagcommute ka papunta dito? Di ka bumili ng kotse sa kita mo?" It's a bit rude, but we're getting annoyed na kasi minsan friend na ang tagal nang di nakita/nakausap biglang susulpot para mag-alok ng ganyan.

  3. Oo nga sis Cheryl, sana sumama na lang ako sayo! Nasayang na oras, pagod, hirap to and from the house, uuwi lang pala akong walang job offer kasi networking pala, toinks!

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