Sharp’s air conditioning technologies make cool air safe and clean

air conditioning technologies make cool air safe and clean
Good news to those people who often get allergies when they are in an air-conditioned environment.  Finally there is no need for you to undergo the same ordeal again. You can now upgrade your air-conditioning unit to a model that
not only cools the air but also gets rid of harmful bacteria.
lot of airborne—and potentially dangerous—viruses, allergens, and
bacteria are present in our environment today, making necessary
protection from the health risks they bring, especially to our kids.
Sharp (Phils.) Corporation has air conditioners bring not only cool
but also clean air to homes, offices, and any type of establishment
on any given day and weather. Its impressive line of air conditioning
products offers enhanced and “healthier” cooling efficiency
compared to other brands in the market today.
sets Sharp air conditioners apart from other brands today is the air
purification system called Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology, a
technologically advanced airflow filtration system that helps free
the air from dangerous airborne threats. This helps produce cleaner
and fresher air that’s 99 percent free from airborne threats –
clean and safe air, inspired by nature, indeed.
PCI technology involves the generation of an electrical discharge
that helps make and releases positive and negative ions into the air.
These positively and negatively charged ions, similar to the ones
found in nature, go after airborne bacteria and viruses, attach
themselves to them to form highly oxidizing radicals, then finally
draw out hydrogen, effectively breaking down the protein’s membrane
to make them inactive. These hydrogen and oxygen radicals then
combine with hydrogen and return to the atmosphere as water.
pollen, and other forms of air contaminants are also some of Sharp
air conditioners’ targets. The charged ions neutralize static
electricity to help prevent these contaminants—even odors—from
sticking to walls and fabrics for easy collection and filtering.
Because PCI technology mimics how nature cleanses the air around, it
allows us to breathe fresh and clean air that is safe and
chemical-free. This makes PCI air conditioning units ahead of others
in the market.
lot of people, especially in enclosed, air-conditioned rooms, will be
happy to note that Sharp air conditioners are effective in protecting
the home and the family, the workplace, and other establishments like
airports, museums, and other public places, from unhealthy air.
PCI technology, Sharp air conditioners are also equipped with
Jet Stream Technology
makes everyone in the room feel cool, regardless of where they are
Powerful Jet Stream Technology has a strong and direct airflow that
instantly cools the body and the room 30 percent faster than the
conventional split-type air conditioners. The Coanda
on the other hand, throws cool air through a soft, indirect airflow
from far distances to provide soothing coolness to the room, which
works best for babies and sometimes the elderly. Finally, the
faster and quicker cooling, reduces start-up time, and promises
effective energy operation by avoiding the cycling of compressor. The
process also helps you avoid power surges, thereby saving you energy
and more money.
these technologies designed to make the customer’s life more
comfortable are available in each Sharp Deluxe Split-Type Air
Conditioner, as part of the company’s “Our Brand, Our Pride”
philosophy; this is a commitment to uplift the quality of life of
Filipinos by providing them with exceptional home appliance products
– no frills, no fuss, just simple engineering marvels for you and
your family.
find out more about Sharp’s outstanding line of air conditioners
and other home appliances, visit

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