FENG SHUI MASTER HANZ CUA: Sees Hotter Year, More Disasters

FENG SHUI MASTER HANZ CUA: Sees Hotter Year, More Disasters  
Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua shared his readings for 2014 in a press conference in Mandaluyong City. According to the Feng Shui Master, 2014 will be a hot year as disasters will continue to devastate parts of
the country. 

Oh, No! Not again. That is so sad. After what our country had been through last year, this revelation is just heart breaking.

Feng Shui expert Master Hanz Cua verified that he saw the following events this 2014:

  • We
    will experience hotter weather this year. Rain will be less which
    will create havoc to the agriculture sector.
  • Still
    reeling from the effects of super typhoon Yolanda that devastated
    several provinces in the Visayas region last November and killed more
    than 6,000 persons already, Master Hanz forecasts the possibility of
    another weather disturbance near the strength of super typhoon
    Yolanda to slam the country.
  • It’s
    the Year of the Horse. The Wood and Fire elements will be dominant in
    2014. And because it will be hot this year, water is expected to
    evaporate fast. Its effect could trigger strong weather
    disturbances. Another super typhoon is not far-fetched. Later, we
    should expect heavy rains and more floods,” said Master Hanz.
  • Fire
    is one of the prevailing elements this year. With this, expect heated
    arguments, anger and ever war on the forefront. There will be
    tensions in the Middle East and Korea as well.
  • Master
    Hanz also foresees another disease of pandemic proportion that might
    hit the country sometime between April and September.
  • Sex
    scandals and love triangles will still heat up due to the appearance
    of the Peach Blossom Star. “Relationships will also be ‘hot.’
    Many people will do everything for love,” Master Hanz said. Yet the
    year 2014 will be a good year to get married. 
of the good news in 2014 is that the Philippines will maintain good
economic growth. It will rise in April, which he said, is a good
month to invest in stocks.
Hanz said that the lucky businesses for 2014 include telecommunications which belong to the Metal Element and restaurants
under the Fire Element. 
deemed lucky are the following:
  •  Southwest
  •  South
  •  West 
  •  Center.  

Unlucky directions:

  •  Northeast
  •  East 
  •  Southeast  

Lucky colors this year are:

  •  red
  •  orange
  •  yellow
  •  green.
This 2014, the Yellow Misfortune Star sits on the Northwest. “Every
year, those who practice Feng Shui always take note of the Yellow
Misfortune Star because that’s the area where misfortune will likely
to hit,”Master Hanz said.
year, the Yellow Misfortune Star affected the center sector.
“There were earthquakes and weather disturbances that hit the
central part of the country.” In 2011, the Misfortune Star hit
the East sector where a tsunami devastated Japan, an Asian country
located on the east.
Master Hanz, who is also into face reading, Chinese astrology, and
tarot and palm reading, said that these problems can be cured with
correct practices and enhancers. “With correct charms and
practices, the problem can be cured 90 percent. We still make our own

is the Year of the Horse based on the 12-year animal cycle which
appears on the Chinese zodiac sign. While the tradition originated
from China, Filipinos have embraced the culture of Feng Shui for many
years now. The Chinese New Year will be on January 31, 2014.

Hanz shares his reading and forecast at Level 1, EDSA Shangri-la
Plaza Mandaluyong City or e-mail at hanz_cua2002@yahoo.com.
Visit website atwww.masterhanzcua.com or
contact 0922-8290382. Follow him on Tweeter @ masterhanz168,
Facebook and Instagram Master Hanz Cua.

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