Bar exams are believed to be the most difficult among licensure
examinations. The release of the results of the Bar examinations is a much
awaited annual event not only by law graduates and students to see whether
their classmates, friends or relatives made it to the list of Bar passers but
also by others to see how certain colleges and universities fare.

I could still vividly recall how thrilled we were when my brother passed the Bar
exams way way back. I was hopping like a Kangaroo as I excitedly rushed to my
brother who was busy playing basketball to tell him about the good news.

No question about it.  The parents and family of the Top 10 Bar Passers
are very very proud of them. Congratulations!

Top Ten Bar Topnotchers:

  1. Ignatius Ingles of Ateneo law school topped the Bar passers with 85.64 percent 
  2. Catherine Beatrice King Kay of Ateneo law school with 84.72 percent
  3. April Carmela Lacson of the University of the Philippines with 84.48 percent
  4. Xavier Jesus Romualdo of Ateneo law school (84.1 percent)
  5. Maria Graciela Base
    of UP and Jose Maria Angel Machuca of Ateneo (83.99 percent),
  6. Patrick
    Henry Salazar of UP (83.71 percent)
  7. Ralph Karlo Barcelona of Aquinas
    University (83.43 percent)
  8. Marvyn Llamas of Ateneo (83.29 percent) 
  9. Carlo Martin Li of Ateneo (83.27 percent) 
  10. Francis Paolo Tiopanco of UP (83.25 percent).  

Click here for complete list of passers.

Trivia: Ingles is the Ateneo Law School salutatorian while King Kay is valedictorian. 

The oath-taking of the successful Bar examinees will be on April 24, 2013 at 2 p.m. at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

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