GUIDELINES: What a police checkpoint should look like

GUIDELINES: What a police checkpoint should look like

 What a police checkpoint should look like

A lot of us got scared and puzzled when we saw in the news the 13 people who died including PNP officers inside the two-vehicle convoy riddled with bullets in a shootout (or rubout) incident  at a police checkpoint in Atimonan, Quezon last January 6, 2013. NBI investigation that followed shows that the police involved violated basic Philippine National Police rules governing police checkpoints.

For our guidelines on how a police checkpoint should look like, please refer to the photo above. 

According to the PNP operational procedures manual, vehicle inspections at checkpoints are:

  • limited to a visual search. 
  • Passengers are not obliged to open the trunk, glove compartment, or bags inside the vehicle. 
  • Body searches are not allowed. 
The PNP also encourages local government units, civic groups, media and other stakeholders to act as observers and participate in the conduct of checkpoints.

The public is encouraged to report checkpoints that do not follow the PNP requirements by calling the following numbers:

Text PNP to 2920
I-text mo kay Tsip — 09178475757
PNP hotline — 7230401
Emergency hotline — 117

Source: GMA and PNP 

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