INSTAGRAM WAR:Sunshine Cruz-Montano Vs. Krista Miller

INSTAGRAM WAR:Sunshine Cruz-Montano Vs. Krista Miller

“Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned”- An Insensitive Man

The girl in the picture is Cesar Montano’s alleged flavor of the month. Allegedly, this isn’t the first time Montano has been linked to another woman since his marriage with Cruz 12 years ago.

Everybody got surprised when Sunshine Cruz-Montano posted on Twitter and in instagram pictures lambasting Cezar’s alleged other woman. After discovering that a number of her
gifts to husband Cesar Montano are now in the hands of a woman who
co-stars with him in an upcoming film.

Sunshine said
that even her kids know the”girl” who allegedly goes with the name
Kristalyn Engel aka Krista Miller, because it was her kids who called
her attention about the matter, because allegedly Krista keep on sending
provocative and sexy pictures and messages to her husband Cezar for weeks.

In a series
of posts on Instagram, which have also been deleted, Miller shared
photos of an Abercombie and Fitch shirt for men, a pack of chocolates
and an iPhone 5.

Allegedly, Sunshine found out that the iphone5 and men’s shirt she gave to Cezar not to mention the chocolate from her sister-in-law was
posted in Instagram by Krista. A big ouch for the legal wife Sunshine.
Which prompted Geneva Cruz to react as well in defense of her cousin

shinemontano: I have been quiet. Weeks of texting and sending photos. I was REALLY QUIET but don’t you know the meaning of being DISCREET? I BOUGHT THAT SHIRT and it is a guy’s shirt for heaven’s sake! The chocolate is from my sis in law and that is my iphone5. Di mo na dapat pinagmamalaki sa social networking.

Sunshine Cruz-Montano also responded to another photo post of Miller, which has the caption, “I hope one day, I’ll be your first priority.”

The actress said, mentioning Miller’s account, “You might soon be his first priority. Pagdasal mo.”
On Thursday night, Geneva Cruz said, “Mess w/ @shinemontano & you’ll
mess w/ our whole family too. We come in peace, pero konting respeto
naman, babae ka rin. @iamkristamiller”

She added, “Get ready to attack a recent invader of a family member. :p #trespassing @Somimilicious”

Addressing Miller, Geneva said in a series of “tweets,” “I’ll never
understand it! And I refuse to do so. Hooking up with unavailable
married men is death. There’s no logic. No responsibility.”

“Girl, maybe if you treated yourself with some much needed respect
you could win yourself a husband too! You are so insensitive. What are
you a non-living thing? Purchase your own husband & get off my
cousin’s. It’s never too late to change,” she said.

Sunshine Cruz ,Cesar Montano and kids during happier times.

microblogging site Twitter, Cruz directly addressed Miller via a
“mention,” telling her to “have the decency to return the iPhone 5. I’m
sure you can do better that that.” 

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  1. To nitizen!!! Do u think na nagsasabi ng totoo c sunshine? Haler mag icp nga kau mga bobo!!! Sa dami ng pera ni cesar sa tingin nio magreregalo cia ng recycle? Just think about it!!!! Pwde dn kasi gumawa lang ng istorya hahah!!!

  2. Kng mkapagcomment kau c sunshine ba hnd pokpok? Pare pareho lang yan ngkataong hnd na hotchick c sunshine kaya pnapalitan na!!! Kng makapag comment kau as if hnd lang nag iisip.

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