FREE INTERNET AND COFFEE: iZone-iHUB Philippines Beacon of Innovation

FREE INTERNET AND COFFEE: iZone-iHUB Philippines Beacon of Innovation 

Attention: Students, out-of-school youth, parents, teachers, anyone and everyone
who believe they have the talent but lack the resources. Here’s a piece of
good news for you!

can now use the facilities of iZone-iHUB, the first technology
research center in the Philippines that accommodates technology-driven
individuals who want their potential to be nurtured and developed absolutely free. iZone-iHUB Center is located at the Penthouse of a building in
Ortigas. If you have the talent, a project and you want
somebody to help you develop and finance your project then you should present it to the
shakers and movers of  iZone-iHUB
Center. This can be your chance to develop further and monetize your project.

“Focus on the Goal not the Road to get there, because the “road to success” is always under construction” – Dan Pen

What is iZone-iHUB

Center is an online community that provides
Pinoy techies and innovative individuals a room for collaboration. It
aims to encourage knowledge sharing among those who have the passion for
Information Technology.
This place is great. iZone-iHUB
Center gives you the freedom to use the
office space for collaborating with your fellow techies absolutely free.


iZone-iHUB offers a central location of its facilities to techies and individuals who would
want to have a place where they can collaborate with fellow techies and
innovators to come up with projects that can probably be the next big
thing to come after Facebook. Office Location of iZone-iHUB is at the 12th Floor (Penthouse) of Agustin I Building, #28 F. Ortigas Jr. (Emerald) Avenue, Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City 1605.

Operating Hours:

The facility operates from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. They accommodate not just techies but just about everyone who has projects aimed for global distribution.  

What they offer?

  • Free unlimited access to WiFi
  • Free flowing coffee ( I love the cappucino flavor at their office)
  • Office space amenities ( LED PC, Aircon, Lights etc.)
  • Safety 
  • Security
  • Free advise and assistance from experts and consultants of iZone-iHUB for your projects whether they can actually be
    monetized or developed further.

What’s the catch? 

There is no catch! iZone-iHUB just wants to offer its place to techie
Filipino who would want to have a place they can call a second home away
from their homes.


  • To serve as incubators for start up projects under
    the pseudo of Information Technology (IT) to be exposed to
    commercialization targeting a global market.

MISSION: To nourish and cultivate the minds of bright and creative individuals by letting them discover their ultimate potential in the field of Information Technology.

Here are the steps:

1.      Pack your gadgets together with your creative mind and outstanding development skills.

2.      Bring a valid Identification Card.

3.      Proceed to iZone-iHUB Center.

4.      Release all of your creative juices, brainstorm, and work with people who share the          same interests as you!

Endless opportunities and possibilities are being offered by iZone-iHUB to the
technology community! 


iZone-iHUB has an on-going contest where individuals or groups can win as much as fifty thousand pesos ( Php 50,000) worth of
prizes. By submitting their innovative projects to iZone-iHUB, the
founder Daniel
S. Peña Sr. (born on August 10, 1945) is a Hispanic-American
businessman, who is a well-known business magnate and
investor, Entrepreneur, Business
Success Coach for High Performers. Founder of QLA methodology! And World
Traveler! He has 40 plus years of experience dealing with businesses and start
ups entrepreneur, mentor, and business coach, born in
Jacksonville, Florida. Under his wings, you will be ensured that your project will go to greater heights. You have an opportunity for your project to be commercialized or
monetized under iZone-iHUB and also at the same time you get to win the

 iZone-iHUB will have a grand launch on January 18, 2013, where IT leaders and IT enthusiasts can fully
grasp what are the activities lined up for the year 2013 followed by the Techno Summit on February 16, 2013. Highlight of this event would be the twenty four (24) hour Hackathon
event where participants from Colleges, Universities and Professional sector
would be able to work as a team or as an individual and compete in
developing an innovative project within the 24 hour window,
participants would also have the opportunity to have this project
exposed by presenting it on the event hall. Both events will be graced
by renowned individuals under the technology industry with the likes of Representative Angelo B. Palmones.

Remember, do not believe those lies that you amount to nothing. If people tell you that you cannot do these or that. Don’t believe them. Like Dan Pena, you too can turn ”you can’t’s” into ”How Can I’s” and prove the nay-Sayers wrong. 


Disclaimer: I am not in any way connected to iZone-iHUB. 

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  1. This is a great initiative that would encourage techie people, especially those lacking resources to come up with the next big idea in the technology world and give them opportunities (plus free wifi and coffee) to excel and make a difference.

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