Juan Manuel Marquez Lucky Punch that Knocked Down Manny Pacquiao

Juan Manuel Marquez Lucky Punch that Knocked Down Manny Pacquiao


Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao who was knocked out by a counter-punch from Juan Manuel Marquez, during the sixth round of their welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Saturday (Sunday, PHL time) did not expect the power of Juan Manuel’s Marquez lucky punch. He admitted getting overconfident when he knocked down Marquez on the fifth round. As a result, Marquez won the WBO Fighter of the Decade title. REUTERS/Steve Marcus
Manny Pacquiao: out-landed Juan Manuel Marquez, 94-52, in total punches, 68-41 in power punches.

Manny Pacquiao is one of the most humble champion we ever have. He admitted he was overconfident. Manny vows to go back into training and 
fight again. Bob Arum says Pacquiao-Marquez 5 still possible. 

10 thoughts on “Juan Manuel Marquez Lucky Punch that Knocked Down Manny Pacquiao

  1. That wasnt a lucky punch. That same punch put Pacquiao in the canvas before. Pacman got confident and walked into a powerful right hand. In previous fights that same punch hurted Manny. Good job by Marquez. He pushed the fight, he got hit and he landed the best punch. Both are great fighters and warriors.

  2. I think Marquez won the previous fights, but Manny got the decision. Manny earned that decision. I wouldn't mention the word steroids around Manny. 1 out of 4; one draw, one split and a majority desicion. The first three fight were too close. Now that KO was a perfect. Manny walked into that with his known offensive bouncing. He got destroyed.

    1. Juan manuel marquez is probably the best mexican fighter since julio chavez sr. The fact that people say it was luck shows their true knowledge of the sport. Jmm should of won the last fight and had manny from the start. Im interested in a broner vs jmm fight.

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