Tutuban Center Mall: Virtual Zoo opens its doors today!

Tutuban Center Mall: Virtual Zoo opens its doors today! 


news to all mom and dad! A very unique attraction opened at Tutuban
Center today, October 26, 2012. Aptly called the Tutuban Center Virtual
Zoo. It captured not only the hearts and minds of kids but even the

Minus the actual zoo animals,
the Tutuban Center Virtual Zoo will surely pack ‘em in as wide-eyed
visitors will truly marvel at the sights. The Tutuban Center Virtual Zoo
is a collage of larger-than-life 3D photos of all the familiar animals
in the animal world and then mounted on the blank walls of the cinema

With these exciting animals in
various poses, the entire cinema lobby was beautifully transformed to
become a virtual theme park that would provide joy and thrills to every
visitor, what with every almost life-like image of animals, from
crocodiles to giant spiders, tigers, turtles, sharks, bats, elephants
and lions, greeting you at every corner of the virtual zoo.

However, these photos are not
just there for people to ogle at. To make it more fun and merry, each
wall is already an interactive photo booth by itself that is open to all
shoppers and moviegoers. This means everyone is free to pose with the
pictures of the animals however they want. You can pose as if the giant
croc is eating you, or probably lifting an enormous elephant on its
feet. The possibilities are endless, and every pose can only be limited
by your imagination. And what is good about Tutuban Virtual Zoo?
Admission is FREE!

To celebrate the opening of the
Tutuban Center Virtual Zoo, Tutuban Center management lined up today
several fun and sometimes heart-stopping activities to make today’s
opening truly memorable.

After the registration in the
morning, VIP guests and visitors witnessed the blessing and
ribbon-cutting ceremony that formally declared the virtual zoo open.
After this, everyone was invited to gamely pose with the photos of the
animals in their most wacky or even life-like poses as those with
cameras, including the media, clicked away to capture each fun moment.

Simultaneous to the opening
of the Tutuban Center Virtual Zoo, a separate activity was also held
starting at the Bonifacio Plaza where students from invited schools,
different kids’ groups, sponsors and the general public participated in
the parade the circled around the Prime Block and Centermall vicinity.
They were also treated to an entertaining mascot show and trivia games
that thrilled guests even more.

After a hearty snack time,
guests were provided with another round of entertaining and hilarious
treats like a magic show, mascot appearances and even special
appearances by cosplayers who delighted the crowd with their spectacular
and colourful costumes of different animé characters.

Finally, a “Parade of Nations”
courtesy of kids under the care of the Department of Social Welfare and
Development (DSWD) capped the day’s celebration, while for the entire
day, kids had fun with the face-painting activity done by face painting
artists, and the human statues who made guests and onlookers smile with
their antics.

Visit the Tutuban Center Virtual Zoo, now open at Tutuban Center from 10:00am up to 8:00pm and located along C.M. Recto Avenue in Manila.

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