THE NAIL LAB: Absolute Relaxation at its best

THE NAIL LAB: Absolute Relaxation at its best

Living in such a fast paced environment tends to make us feel tired and withered long before our time. I know inserting a spa appointment on your busy schedule can be difficult, but I tell you, your body needs to relax. Love and pamper yourself from time to time. Heal yourself said my friend Jo. The Nail Lab offers solution to tired souls and wash away problems and fears according to my friend. I was so curious why my friend was raving about this place. So, one Sunday afternoon, my brother and I went to The Nail Lab.


When we entered The Nail Lab, we were welcomed by this white, clean sofa with green throw pillows. Nice choice of colors! Plus, it was nice to know that mommies can bring along their kids when they have themselves pampered at The Nail Lab.


I told the receptionist that I wanted
to feel young and rejuvenated again. She suggested for me to try The Nail Lab Signature Body Scrub and Mud Wrap ( Php 1,080) and the Ageloc Galvanic Facial ( Php 840 )

The Nail Lab competent attendant asked me to change inside their clean comfort room, then afterwards, led me upstairs where I entered an ambiance of blissful relaxation.


She then asked me to lie down on a massage table covered with a sheet and a large, thin piece of plastic. As I lay on
my stomach, the massage therapist rubs a mixture of sea salt, oil, and
aromatics like lavender into my skin. This exfoliates the skin and
leaves my skin feeling velvety soft. I felt so refreshed.  I melted in total bliss as calluses were filed down to near nothingness and dead
skin cells cowered in fear with my full body scrub session with The Nail Lab. I allowed my body
to experience pure relaxation. I experience rest in every part of
my body. I felt improvement on my well-being. The exfoliating treatment of the body scrub of sea salt enriched with lavender that was gently applied to restore my skin’s natural glow gave me that much needed

After the attendant scrubbed my whole
body, which takes maybe ten or fifteen minutes, she wash it
it all off without soap, leaving a nice coating of oil. It’s an
invigorating treatment. I really think it was a good idea to have a body scrub at this point. She then applied
mud and wrapped my whole body in a thermal blanket, it’s a
“detoxifying” treatment that stimulates a person’s metabolic system, speeding
its ability to carry away waste products. Variations can come from the essential oils or scrub materials so asked them what is the best treatment for you.

She then called another attendant to begin my Ageloc Galvanic Facial which effectively smooth-en wrinkles and lines since it boosts the skin’s natural collagen content by stimulating collagen production from the inside, thus effectively firming the skin and reducing lines. Even if you feel that you don’t need a collagen boost just yet, its moisturizing properties have been proven to be very effective for those with chronic dry skin, ensuring that you will not need to even think about anti-aging regiments for a very long time! I love this treatment!
I highly recommend The Nail Lab Signature Body Scrub and Mud Wrap treatment and Ageloc Galvanic Facial. I went home feeling so relaxed, younger,
slimmer and whiter. I had one of the most relaxing body scrub at The Nail Lab. I never thought that a body scrub
would be so relaxing. For the first time in my life, I gave body scrub a
try. And it did not failed me. I had the most Invigorating pampering in
years! I think that’s The Nail Lab guarantee- absolute relaxation. 


Living in a world full of stress. We should all find time to relax and decompress. Indulge your body and face at the Nail Lab. RESULTS YOU CAN FEEL!! 

87-C D. Tuazon corner Dapitan St.,Quezon City
Open from Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Contact Numbers: 0917-985-6547 | 507-9015

Facebook: The Nail Lab

2 thoughts on “THE NAIL LAB: Absolute Relaxation at its best

  1. This will be a nice treat for the ladies. Sometimes I envy the female race coz they get to have a lot of pampering.

    Corny naman for us guys to have manicure and pedicure…hahaha…I admit I am not metrosexual at all.

    What I wouldn't recommend are tattoos for they will scar you for life!

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