Best Outdoor Destinations for Honeymooners

Best Outdoor Destinations for Honeymooners
big day is just around the corner and now it is time to plan your
honeymoon, but the two of you are not your average couple. The two of
you consider traveling around the globe,
camping and backpacking much more romantic than spending thousands to
stay in a “luxury resort.”  For outdoor folks like yourself, here are
some great outdoor honeymoon destinations.
Las Vegas
know what you are thinking.  Las Vegas does not seem like a destination
for outdoor people.  While it is true that Vegas is known more for
poker games and blackjack than outdoor activities, the city is located
close to numerous outdoor options. 
Grand Canyon is just a short trip from Las Vegas and as one of the
natural wonders of the world offer a great opportunity for outdoor
enthusiasts.  Just 35 miles from Vegas is Mt. Charleston, a natural
habitat nestled right on the outskirts of the Vegas desert.  Hiking,
camping, horseback riding, and skiing are all available on Mt.
Charleston.  Be sure to get all your supplies before you head up as the
Mountain does not have any gas stations or grocery stories once you head

enthusiasts looking for a prime spot in the United States to honeymoon
at should consider the state of Colorado.  Couples are surrounded by
views of both the Rockies and the San Juan Mountains and the natural
beauty makes it one of the most scenic states in the US.

you choose to honeymoon in Aspen, Crested Butte, Breckenridge, or Vail,
you will find plenty of things to do outdoors such as hiking, biking,
rafting, horseback riding, and some of the best skiing destinations in
the world.
natural beauty of Jamaica draws newlyweds from around the world to this
island paradise.  Jamaica’s scenic beaches are obviously a huge draw,
but there are many water activities that couples can try together such
as bamboo rafting trips, exploring the many caves of Jamaica,
snorkeling, and more.

a camping honeymoon is more to your liking, consider Yosemite National
Park in California. With several campgrounds open year round and even
at night, you can find something here for whenever you want to
honeymoon.  Amazing waterfalls, beautiful meadows, majestic mountains,
forests of giant sequoia trees, as well as the Merced River are all
highlights of this trip.  Be sure to reserve your spot well in advance
as this is a very popular destination for tourists.

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