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Be enchanted with the romantic-comedy SPELLBOUND.

Jo-goo, a street magician (Lee Min-ki), notices a miserable looking
girl, Yu-ri (Son Ye-jin), in the audience during one of his
performances, and she winds up being the inspiration for his

magic show.” The show became a runaway success almost overnight and
Jo-goo in turn, is now a successful stage magician with a model
girlfriend. Yu-ri acquired an ‘unwanted’ ability to see the dead ever
since she survived a high school automobile accident. She not only sees
dead people, but these ‘dead people’ also appear in her life on a
regular basis. Yu-ri eventually ended up leading a solitary life, even
her family fled the country and left her behind. Yu-ri and Jo goo starts
to develop feelings for each other. And though Jo-goo is sometimes
scared, he loves Yu-ri enough to overcome his fear.

Catch more Korean Films on Sept.18-23 at SM Cinema Megamall, Sept.26-30 at SM Cinema Baguio and Oct.3-7 at SM Cinema Cebu.

Catch “Late Blossom” at the Korean Film Festival

The film follows the lives of two couples who live in the same neighborhood.
Kim Man-Suk (Lee Soon-Jae) delivers milk on a motorbike at dawn. He curses a lot, but actually has a warm heart.

day when he goes up a slope, he meets Ms. Song (Yun So-Jeong) – a
lonely woman who works hards by collecting and selling scrap paper.
Man-Suk feels something special toward Ms. Song.

Jang Kun-Bong (Song
Jae-Ho) works in a parking lot. Jang Kun-Bong has a wife (Kim Soo-Mi)
who suffers from alzheimer’s. He works from dawn until late at night.
After work he comes home and takes care of his wife.

Cinema 9, SM Megamall: Sept.20 (4:30pm), Sept.22 (12:00pm)
Cinema 2, SM Baguio: Sept.28 (10:00am)
Cinema 3, SM Cebu: October 5 (8:00pm)

Catch the heart-warming film BUNT at the Korean Film Festival

Filling the cups of classmates with a kettle is the only work the
11-year-old Dong-ku, who is mentally retarded, can do in his school
life. However, even this small connection w

the outside world breaks as one day a new water purifier replaces the
kettle in his classroom. Disappointed by losing his only hope to survive
in a regular school, he finds that every freshman in the junior
baseball team is required to supply drinking water to other members with
a kettle. Though Dong-ku knows nothing about baseball, he decides to
join the team while his father, Jin-kyu, is struggling to save his kid’s
only shelter, their chicken bar.

SM Cinema Megamall: September 18, 21 and 23
SM Cinema Baguio: September 27
SM Cinema Cebu: October 5 and 7

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