Phantom of the Opera Manila Cast

Phantom of the Opera Manila Cast
Meet the cast members of the Phantom of the Opera
Playing the Phantom is Jonathan Roxmouth. Said to be the youngest English man to do the role of Phantom.
Claire Lyon plays Christine. She first did Love Never Dies (sequel to the Phantom of the Opera) in Australia as an alternate and one of the most beautiful theater actress for the role.
 Playing Raoul is Anthony Downing he is said to be the world’s most handsome for the role.
 They sing so well. I can still hear all the songs in my mind!

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  1. I heard from the grapevine that the producers had to spent 15 Million just to shipped all the equipments, wardrobes, etc. from South Africa, no wonder they have a super magnificent stage and wardrobes! Now, mahal pa ba yun tickets? 🙂 Enjoy watching!

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