A Salute to Philhealth Staff

I salute the dedication of the Philhealth employees at the Quezon Avenue Branch. The staff starts working at 7 o’ clock in the morning until they served the last man standing in line every single day. 
As Philhealth members, the least we could do is be kind to them and give them a smile when we go to their office. 
I heard a lot of complaints while applying for a Philhealth card. People, maybe you got so mad standing for so many hours lining up because you decided to pay on the last day of payment for the quarter, well siree, that is already your fault. There is three months in every quarter, you could pay at the bank or bayad center long before its due date.
It is now the policy of the bank not to accept payment a day or two before the due date so take note of that po.
Yes! Payment can be made well in advance through their accredited banks nationwide or at bayad center or at Philhealth offices nationwide long before the end of the three month period.
Some people also got mad because their is no aircon at Philhealth Quezon Avenue,
well you are only there once every quarter, whereas those Philhealth
employees are there every single day. Yes, those Philhealth employees
have more reasons to complain than you. But they don’t, at least they’re saving people’s money. Our taxes or Philhealth contributions will not go to the electricity bill. Thus, we save money. šŸ™‚
I also learned that in order to serve more people paying a visit at
their branch, these Philhealth employees sacrifice their lunch break
from an hour to half an hour each on rotation with NO LUNCH BREAK! That means the flow of transaction is non-stop, which is good for us Philhealth members.
Please be aware too, that our contributions will increase come October 1, 2012 so better avail of the old rate. Our one hundred pesos per month contribution will increase by one hundred percent making the new contribution payable Two hundred pesos per month.
So if you want to save money better pay your Philhealth contribution in advance until the end of 2013 before October 1, 2012.

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