Mo Twister Uploads Controversial Picture on Instagram

He did it again!

It seems like Mo Twister is always hungry for attention!

“Like” hungry Mo Twister posted a photo of a topless woman ready to strip it off on his Instagram account.

The woman has her back on the camera. She’s only wearing a thin, flesh colored panties labeled with “like this” with
the famous Facebook thumbs up emoticon. The TV host/radio jock said
the woman was aware that the camera was on.

Mo Twister: Do the amount of “Likes” you get on your Instagram pics mean
a lot to you? I have to admit, it’s pretty important to me. I feel
accomplished and popular when I get a lot of “Likes”…so, here, she’s
wearing a “Like this” underwear for you to “Like” and yes, she knew the
camera was on! 😉 

3 thoughts on “Mo Twister Uploads Controversial Picture on Instagram

  1. MO TWISTER may gamit nga malaking bibig mo kasi ang galing mo magpakalat nang storya, kaso nga lang panget mo talaga… pano mo pinasagot si RHIAN? bweset ka… ganda kaya non… tapos nakuha mo pa…bweset ka talaga… panget na swerte… ang arte mo pa panget mo naman,,,

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