Sharon Cuneta’s Twitter Reaction to Fashion Pulis

Sharon Cuneta’s Twitter Reaction to Fashion Pulis.
Just a little past midnight on Sunday, July 1, 2012, Megastar Sharon Cuneta react on Twitter regarding a blind item posted in a website she did not identify.
Aware of Twitter’s 140-character limit, the host of TV5’s daytime afternoon talk show, “Sharon: Kasama Mo, Kapatid” posted her reaction in consecutive tweets, as follows:
Sharon reiterated to her fans that she already learned her lesson and won’t engaged in another twitter war.
Shape Up or Pack Up Post by Fashion Pulis
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After some months of planning, the show of this controversial host finally aired. But prior to the that, CH received her share of intrigues. For a quite a time, she was relentless in attacking back her online bashers. When the messages got on her nerves, CH lashed back. In response to her messages, her followers answered with comments that questioned her character and her image. After a while, the public exchanges of online messages stopped.

However, to build up more interest in her new show, the messages that poked fun of CH were used as teaser ads for the show. After a number of postponements, the show finally aired. However, it did not generate as much interest as was expected. Some critics blamed the time slot. Others commented the show was a rehash and offered nothing new. Still, others said that CH lost her luster.

After a month of airing, the show has apparently not improved its ratings. Hence, management sent a memo instructing the production to plan the remaining episodes, including the finale. It turns out, the replacement show is already being planned. Now, people are awaiting for CH’s reaction regarding this latest development.

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  1. naku tantanan na ninyo si mega maging masaya na lamang tayo para sa kanya…kahit ano pa sabihin ninyo d magbabgo pagmamahal namin s kanya…

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