Nicki Minaj’s ‘one-night-only’ concert in Manila on July 11, 2012

Nicki Minaj’s ‘one-night-only’ concert in Manila on July 11, 2012 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena!

Unfortunately this concert is Exclusive for Globe and BlackBerry users 🙁 Sad, but true! They want you to enter into a contract for 2 years I think so you’ll get a “free” phone and tickets. 

Please note the difference in seats location between:

Plan 999 ticket seat type: Lower Box seats

Plan 499 ticket seat type: Lower 2, Upper, and General Admission
Globe Plan 999 + Blackberry Curve 9320 + 3 Nicki Minaj concert tickets

Globe Plan 499 + Blackberry Curve 9220 + 2 Nicki Minaj concert tickets

And most importantly Tickets are given to approved subscribers only.


tvN K-POP Star Hunt S2 Is On!

Good News to you, K-POP fans across Asia because tvN K-POP Star Hunt S2 Is On!
Have you ever aspired to be Korea’s next pop sensation? 
Star Hunt S2 might be your first step to stardom! With the huge success of the
first season, K-Pop Star Hunt had made its triumphant comeback in a bigger scale through tvN K-POP Star Hunt S2.
tvN, in association with CJ E&M and CUBE Entertainment are
determined to discover the next K-Pop superstar through K-Pop Star Hunt
S2. This talent search across Asia will
K-Pop Star Hunt S2 covers seven(7) countries: 
  1. Hong Kong
  2. Taiwan
  3. Singapore
  4. Thailand 
  5. Philippines
  6. Malaysia 
  7. Japan
To knock on the audition door, all you need to do is
begin practicing, and start filming. Get ready to upload your best K-Pop
sing-and-dance routines to the official website at  video submissions opened last June 18, 2012.
K-Pop fans of any age in the
aforementioned countries will have more than six (6) weeks (deadline varies
with different countries) to upload their video submissions. So act now
and send them your best sing and dance performance and take the first step
to K-Pop stardom.
tvN K-POP Star Hunt S2 :

How to revert back your e-mail address on Facebook

Geez, Facebook did it again!


Oh my gulay! Inday and Dodong! Facebook just removed everyone’s email address from their profile and replaced it with an email address without asking you. Here’s how to easily fix the problem.

Facebook launched its own email service back in 2010, which was promptly forgotten by everyone. This morning, Forbes noticed that they removed everyone’s email addresses from their profiles, replacing them with an email address instead (not Facebook’s internal email address which they use for notifications and password resets, just the one listed on your profile). Luckily, it’s easy to get your old email address back on your profile:

Step by step guide:

  • Click “About” on your profile and scroll down to your email address. Click “Edit” to change them. 
  • Click on the circle next to your Facebook email address and change its setting to “Hidden From Timeline”. 
  • Click on the circle next to your other email addresses and change their settings to “Shown On Timeline”. 
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the Edit popup (Don’t forget this step).

That’s all it takes. It’s a really quick fix.

But it was a big jerk move for Facebook to do this without asking permission, or even telling you that it happened. 

Spread this information around so people don’t get stuck without any contact information, too, lest we lose the one aspect of Facebook that was still useful.

Source: Life Hacker

Small-town Locals to Build “Courts of Inspiration” around Visayas & Mindanao

I am glad that more and more companies like Alaxan now supports advocacy campaigns of small town and barangays . Small-town Locals to Build “Courts of Inspiration” around Visayas & Mindanao is a very valuable project spearheaded by Alaxan.

Seeing the potential to drive social value, Alaxan FR is harnessing the power of the community through the Aray Natin, Galing Natin
campaign—a collaborative effort between small-town locals to construct
these symbols of community, and turn them into something that moves
people to aim for greatness. 

For its initial project, Alaxan FR chose Iloilo. Other Courts of Inspiration are
currently in the works in various parts of the country. These are in
Bacolod, Dumaguete, Tacloban, and Cebu for Visayas; and Cagayan de Oro,
Zamboanga, Butuan, Davao, and General Santos for Mindanao.

Aray Natin, Galing Natinteam and locals of Barangay Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo come together for the groundbreaking ceremony.

Driven by the desire to provide their community with its first real basketball court, locals from barangay Tabuc Suba in Jaro District were brought together to build their own “Court of Inspiration” under the campaign.


My friend Liza used to rant about unfair practices in the Philippines. You see Liza can’t fathom why people treat her unfairly. Then she realized that it was because of her Acne and Acne Marks. One day she was invited to an exclusive launching party of a brand for vain women. She was told via e-mail that the invites were exclusive to only three selected guests. She was also told that she will be able to test the product and it will be provided at the end of the party and was even told to keep quiet about it.

Liza find those words funny because at the end of the party all other guests and their plus 2, got the product to try except her, she only got a shirt, one size smaller from her body type, meaning she had to undergo a rigid diet for a year before she will be able to fit in that shirt, and a few pieces of the product tie with a ribbon plus an umbrella. It is not that she’s after the product but she needs to write about it thus, an actual sample for at least a month is needed so she’ll be able to do justice to the write-up. If those plus one or plus two got a month long supply of the product why not her? They were not even invited unlike Liza, who was specifically invited to the event. So you see where Liza was coming from.
I told Liza that generally people are visual animals. They judge people base on outside appearance whether you accept that fact or not. That is why, it is very important to have a proper skin care regimen. I told Liza to use the Proactiv Kit. Because Proactiv is the only revolutionary product that can help her with her Acne problems. 
After a month,  Liza was so happy with the result. Proactiv had tremendously improved Liza’s acne. Because she was very busy, she asked for my help to help her purchase another batch of Proactiv because she doesn’t want to run put of stock of Proactiv for her skin regimen. I learned, that it was a very good timing for Liza because Proactiv has a new upgrade promo that is exclusive to its online shopping cart: where she could upgrade her Proactiv Kit and Get a Proactiv Add-on at 50%-60% Discount! That’s a huge savings! Imagine that!

Hey beautiful people don’t forget to visit the website and take advantage of this limited offer.

The promo is applicable to Philippine territory only and limited to residents of the Philippines only. Customers who bought Proactiv Kit from the Proactiv Online Shopping Cart during the duration of the promo period is entitled to avail of the discount.

Purchase of each Proactiv 30-day kit entitles a customer to upgrade his kit with 1 Proactiv Extension item at 50% discount, and purchase of each Proactiv 60-day kit entitles customer to upgrade his kit with 1 Proactiv Extension item at 60% discount.

This promo will run until December 31, 2012.
1) Customer must go to the website: and must register to have an online account with Proactiv to be able to transact the purchase. Customer can pay via credit card or COD. All purchases of upgraded kits are delivered without any delivery charges.
2) Customer must buy either a Proactiv 30 day kit or Proactiv 60 day kit to avail of the discount for any Proactiv Extension Product. In the website, customer can choose to select an add-on to their Proactiv kit at a hefty discount. Menu is on the lower right side of the screen. Here’s a sample screenshot:
For every purchase of Proactiv 30 Day kit, customer can avail 50% discount on one (1) of the following add-ons:
For every purchase of Proactiv 60 Day kit, customer can avail 60% discount on one (1) the following add-ons:

Note: For every purchase of a Proactiv Kit, a customer can only avail of the given discount for one (1) Proactiv product (1 Proactiv Kit=1 Proactiv Product).
After clicking on the preferred add-on upgrade, a pop-up screen like this will appear. This shows the customer the discounted price of the add-on, and the total package price of the upgraded kit.
The customer now has the option to add this to his cart, and finish the order.
So, peeps what are you waiting for? Head on to Proactiv site and avail of the huge discount they offer. Take advantage of this limited offer. Remember life isn’t always fair so be beautiful and feel good about yourself. If you don’t care less what other people will say, care for yourself. Feel good, feel beautiful for Yourself. 

Congratulations to the new you Liza! And to each and everyone of you reading this. Take action now, and take charge of your own happiness! Be cool, Be beautiful. Be Proactiv.

Angelicopter vs. Rhian Ramos War on Twitter

Angelika “Angelicopter” Schmeing, former disc jockey of radio station Magic 89.9 vs. Rhian Ramos, actress-model-singer War on Twitter.

It all started with this twitter message tweeted by Angelicopter:

“Now having Bfast in a nice hotel & front desk thought i was Kristine H & Rhian R. I said “thanks. I’m not. Khristine & I have babies,” she posted on her twitter account last Friday, June 22, 2012.

Angelicopter’s tweet didn’t sit well with Rhian Ramos, who, only last year, had to parry accusations that she had an abortion, no thanks to Youtube videos uploaded by still unidentified individuals showing former boyfriend Mo Twister wailing about her having supposedly undergone the procedure.

The usually reserved Ramos retorted with a wry tweet, “nyek kailan naman kami ni Kristine pumangit, tumaba at nagpalagay ng silicone ng ganyan?” seemingly alluding to Schmeing, who was a poster girl for Vicki Belo’s mammoplasty methods, having had breast augmentation.

To which TheAnglelicopter’s reply:

Apparently, Mo Twister saw @TheAnglelicopter’s tweets to @cybellise (the two girls were talking about @whianwamos’ tweets). Since he wasn’t aware of @whianwams’ tweets, he asked @TheAnglelicopter:

Obviously already updated, Twister, who is currently in New York, tweeted a little later, “Just ignore her tweet. No big deal. Pls dont tweet or dare her for truth.”

Not surprisingly,
Angelicopter Schmeing, who is rumored to be dating the controversial
radio and TV host , ignored the seeming insult and did as instructed,
stopping her tirades against Ramos but not before posting a dig of
sorts: “Masarap matulog ng malinis konsensiya.”
@TheAnglelicopter stopped attacking @whianwamos, but replied to another Twitter follower:
Suddenly, @whianwamos apologized to @TheAnglelicopter: who is now reportedly dating Mo Twister’s ex-best friend KC Montero, sent a direct message to Angelicopter Schmieng saying, “I wanna apologize for even making patol, I myself fueled this thing that didn’t even need to happen. Best of luck to you.”

by a follower why she had to apologize to Schmeing, Ramos retorted,
“wala, i know i didnt start it but it wasnt classy of me to reply. also i
was embarrassed that my followers had to see me angry.”

Not that Schmeing even cared. Angelicopter has yet to allow the actress the courtesy of a reply.

You could note that Angelicopter Schmeing was noticed a few years ago when she started sharing seeming bedroom anecdotes on air during question & answer’s with Mo Twister, which led to her earning the moniker “Angelicopter.” It was Mo Twister who asked her to pinch-hit for Magic DJ Grace Lee after Grace was injured in an accident.

The turn of luck allowed for Angelicopter Schmeing to start a career not only as DJ but as model and as contestant on “Survivor Philippines.” Coincidentally, it was an altercation with Grace Lee early this year that is said to have gotten Schmeing booted out of the station though Magic 89.9 has already denied it citing vague reasons for the dismissal.

Free admission to the Great HP Sale

Ang pinaka aabangan ko! Tada! Ilang tulog na lang yipee!
What: The biggest HP Great Computer Sale 
When:  June 28 to July 1, 2012 
Where: World Trade Center 
Time:  11AM to 9PM on June 28-29, 2012
            10AM to 10PM on June 30-July 1, 2012
The sale where you can get the best computer deals ever. 
HP offers up to 75% off on selected items and a chance to get freebies
like BEATs SOLO headphones, HP printers, cameras, camcorders, thumb
drives, shirts and jackets for every purchase of HP computer. Guests may
also participate in the auction of latest HP laptop or desktops for as
low as Php5,000.

Queenierich Rehman is Miss World Philippines 2012

God is great! I was one of the lucky bloggers who was invited by TV5 Kapatid network, and Miss World Philippines to watch the beautiful pageant night held at Manila Hotel, Sunday, June 24, 2012, LIVE!
Yes, it’s live, my dear readers! You could imagine my happiness. I was so happy and thankful at the same time. Imagine, all you can see are beautiful beings all night long! I was so kilig when I saw the dashing James Younghusband. It so happened that he is one of the judges of the Miss World Philippines 2012.

Candidate No. 22, Queenierich Rehman won the most coveted Miss World Philippines 2012 crown at the recently-concluded coronation night.
Miss World Philippines 2012  Queenierich Rehman

Queenierich Rehman bested 24 other Filipina beauties from across the country. She will be representing the Philippines in the Miss World 2012 pageant in Ordos, China on August 18, 2012.

This beauty from Las Piñas City also won the following awards:

  •  Best in Swimwear
  •  Miss Talent
  •  Miss Pantene
  •  Miss Philippines Prudential
  •  Miss World Traveler
  •  and Miss Photogenic.
Queenierich Rehman’s court are:
Ist Princess: Candidate No. 13   Mary Anne Ross Misa of Parañaque City 
2nd Princess:  Candidate No. 2  Vanessa Claudine Amman of Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu
3rd Princess: Candidate No.17  April Love Jordan from Tondo, Manila
4th Princess: Candidate No.16  Brenna Cassandra Gamboa from Laurel,Batangas

Queenierich Rehman is a Psychology major from Assumption University. She won Best in Talent for her singing/beat-boxing skills, a very unique talent for a lady, and for a beauty queen, which would definitely work to her favor in the coming Miss World competition.

She is a very familiar face in beauty pageants. In fact, she won Best in Swimsuit in Binibining Pilipinas 2011 where she also was one of the 15 finalists with the crown won by Miss Universe 3rd Runner-Up Shamcey Supsup.

Miss World Philippines 2012 Winners: Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenierich Rehman with first princess Mary Ann Ross Misa, second princess Vanessa Claudine Amman, third Princess April Love Jordan, and fourth princess: Brenna Cassandra Gamboa.

Miss World Philippines 2012 Top 12 Semi-finalists:

    Candidate # 14 Mariver Ocampo (Paombong, Bulacan)
    Candidate # 22 Queneerich Rehman (Las Piñas City)
    Candidate # 18 Rufaida Babudin (Palawan)
    Candidate # 5 Carla Lizardo (Pasig City)
    Candidate # 19 Marie Loraine de Guzman (Sta. Mesa, Manila)
    Candidate # 1 Kaye Wigand (Puerto Galera, Mindoro)
    Candidate # 13 Mary Anne Ross Misa (Parañaque City)
    Candidate # 17 April Love Jordan (Tondo, Manila)
    Candidate #11 Vania Valiry Vispo (Pasig City)
    Candidate # 16 Brenna Cassandra Gamboa (Laurel, Batangas)
    Candidate # 12 Paulina Eliseef (Quezon City)
    Candidate # 2 Vanessa Claudine Amman (Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu)

Special Awardees:

Best in Long Gown – April Love Jordan (Tondo, Manila)
Best in Swimwear – Queenierich Rehman (Las Piñas City)
Miss Photogenic – Queenierich Rehman (Las Piñas City)
Miss Talent – Queenierich Rehman (Las Piñas City) and Marie Loraine De Guzman (Sta. Mesa, Manila) – Tie
Miss Friendship – Vanessa Claudine Amman (Lapu-Lapu City)
Best in Fashion Runway – Brenna Cassandra Gamboa (Laurel, Batangas)
Miss Philippines Prudential – Queenierich Rehman (Las Piñas City)
Miss World Traveler – Queenierich Rehman (Las Piñas City)
Miss Laguna World – Vanessa Claudine Amman (Lapu-Lapu City)
Miss Manny O’ Wine – Brenna Cassandra Gamboa (Las Piñas City)
Smart People’s Choice – Vania Valeri Vispo (Pasig City)
Miss Olay – Vanessa Claudine Amman (Lapu-Lapu City)
Miss Pantene – Queenierich Rehman (Las Piñas City)

Miss World Philippines 2012, the second year under the leadership of Cory Quirino was aired live over TV5 Kapatid Network.

Last year’s Miss World Philippines winner Gwendolyn Ruais won Miss World 2011 first runner-up. I hope Rehman can surpass Ruais’ success. 

Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes’ Family

My brother and I traveled to Manila Hotel to interview Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes’ family.   I was able to talk to her mom earlier over the cellular phone but we decided to go and meet her in person at the Manila Hotel’s lobby.  Tita Angie Duran Agnes smiled and waved at us when she saw us looking around the lobby. It was our first time to meet Kaye Agnes’ family in person.

Kaye’s mom said that Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes is the third among six siblings. She belong to a very closely knit family in Sorsogon.

When Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes went to Spain to work, she really missed her family in Sorsogon.

According to Mrs. Agnes Kaye’s real height is 5’7 1/2″. Kaye became a print ad model when she made it to the ten finalist of Ford Supermodel of The Philippines way back in 2006.

 Kaye was a table tennis player at the Bicol Meet during her high school years. Kaye loves Jogging, playing badminton, lawn tennis and table tennis.

Yes, Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes worked for two years in Barcelona, Spain as a Bartender/ Receptionist/ Model.

Her mom, Angelita Duran Agnes, stands at  5’3″ and her husband, Kaye’s dad, Manuel Peralta Agnes is 5’10”. No wonder Kaye’s real height is 5’7 1/2″ They’re a very happy family. Her mom work as a hotel manager at Fernando’s Hotel in Sorsogon City. She is the daughter of Former Mayor Fernando Duran of Sorsogon City. She also used to own Fernando 168 Bistro in Sorsogon City.

Her mom learned about the Miss World Philippines contest from her Facebook friend from Naga City – Mrs. Eleanor Zuniga Montemayor. So it was only a few days before the final selection that Kaye learned about the Miss World Philippines contest. According to Kaye’s mom, Kaye got convinced and decided to try her luck at the Miss World Philippines contest when she saw the different advocacies and charity works of Miss World Philippines at their website.
I also learned from her mom that Kaye is the co-founder of an advocacy group that feeds children in Sorsogon together with her aunt Vicky Duran. The foundation’s name is Andelana.

Kaye just arrived back in the Philippines last January, 2012. She was away from her family for two long years because she was working in Spain to help finance their foundation in Sorsogon.
Here are the messages for Kaye Michelle Agnes from her family:

From her father Manuel Peralta Agnes and her mother Angelita Duran Agnes:

            “We are very proud of you, to face this new challenge you have chosen, Kaye, you will be always be Ms. World , win or lose”- Dad and Mom

            ” Do your best. Think Good. Hope you don’t make a mistake”- Mom

Kristen Agnes-Fulay is Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes sister base in Australia has this to say:     

             “Congrats Sister! Halfway there!”

Kat Aplet (Sister)

             “Bedazzling smiles, immaculate poise, great speech and never ever ever forget, world peace! Go Kaye for Miss World Philippines.”

Karl Agnes is Kaye’s only brother:

             “Goodluck Kaye! Go for the CROWN!!”

Brigitte Hentschel (Aunt):
             “We are all very proud of you Kaye! Crown or no crown — you rock! Goodluck from Singapore.”

Susan Duran-Lising (Aunt):

             “We are so proud of you!!!!! Go Kaye!”

Kate Angelie (Aunt):
    “GO FOR IT!!! Babes *Kaye Michelle Agnes* YOU CAN DO IT!!! ~ [♥] ~ Love,Tita kate [♥] ~ [♥] ~”
Philip Duran (Uncle):
     “I pray that u keep on celebrating the imense wonders of our world.God always bless u.”
Julia Patricia Agnes Mogol (Cousin):

      “GO ate Kaye! [:)] Goodluck [:)]”

Celine Duran (Cousin):
      “So proud of my Supermodel/ Future beauty queen cousin ate Kaye Michelle Agnes! Hope you bring home the crown!”
Richard ForeverLambs Carey (Cousin):
                “Congratulations Ate Kaye! Good luck! I wish you well [:D]”
Agatha Astrid Paras Duran (Cousin):
                 “Congratulations Ate Kaye! Good luck from Cebu [♥]”
Nikka Flores (Cousin):
        “Yay! Go Ate Kaye! :)) Sobra kong natuwa dito. :))
Don’t forget to watch Miss World Philippines at TV5 Kapatid Network on June 24, 2012.
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