Angelicopter vs. Rhian Ramos War on Twitter

Angelika “Angelicopter” Schmeing, former disc jockey of radio station Magic 89.9 vs. Rhian Ramos, actress-model-singer War on Twitter.

It all started with this twitter message tweeted by Angelicopter:

“Now having Bfast in a nice hotel & front desk thought i was Kristine H & Rhian R. I said “thanks. I’m not. Khristine & I have babies,” she posted on her twitter account last Friday, June 22, 2012.

Angelicopter’s tweet didn’t sit well with Rhian Ramos, who, only last year, had to parry accusations that she had an abortion, no thanks to Youtube videos uploaded by still unidentified individuals showing former boyfriend Mo Twister wailing about her having supposedly undergone the procedure.

The usually reserved Ramos retorted with a wry tweet, “nyek kailan naman kami ni Kristine pumangit, tumaba at nagpalagay ng silicone ng ganyan?” seemingly alluding to Schmeing, who was a poster girl for Vicki Belo’s mammoplasty methods, having had breast augmentation.

To which TheAnglelicopter’s reply:

Apparently, Mo Twister saw @TheAnglelicopter’s tweets to @cybellise (the two girls were talking about @whianwamos’ tweets). Since he wasn’t aware of @whianwams’ tweets, he asked @TheAnglelicopter:

Obviously already updated, Twister, who is currently in New York, tweeted a little later, “Just ignore her tweet. No big deal. Pls dont tweet or dare her for truth.”

Not surprisingly,
Angelicopter Schmeing, who is rumored to be dating the controversial
radio and TV host , ignored the seeming insult and did as instructed,
stopping her tirades against Ramos but not before posting a dig of
sorts: “Masarap matulog ng malinis konsensiya.”
@TheAnglelicopter stopped attacking @whianwamos, but replied to another Twitter follower:
Suddenly, @whianwamos apologized to @TheAnglelicopter: who is now reportedly dating Mo Twister’s ex-best friend KC Montero, sent a direct message to Angelicopter Schmieng saying, “I wanna apologize for even making patol, I myself fueled this thing that didn’t even need to happen. Best of luck to you.”

by a follower why she had to apologize to Schmeing, Ramos retorted,
“wala, i know i didnt start it but it wasnt classy of me to reply. also i
was embarrassed that my followers had to see me angry.”

Not that Schmeing even cared. Angelicopter has yet to allow the actress the courtesy of a reply.

You could note that Angelicopter Schmeing was noticed a few years ago when she started sharing seeming bedroom anecdotes on air during question & answer’s with Mo Twister, which led to her earning the moniker “Angelicopter.” It was Mo Twister who asked her to pinch-hit for Magic DJ Grace Lee after Grace was injured in an accident.

The turn of luck allowed for Angelicopter Schmeing to start a career not only as DJ but as model and as contestant on “Survivor Philippines.” Coincidentally, it was an altercation with Grace Lee early this year that is said to have gotten Schmeing booted out of the station though Magic 89.9 has already denied it citing vague reasons for the dismissal.

3 thoughts on “Angelicopter vs. Rhian Ramos War on Twitter

  1. Angelicopter is just an attention whore. She is also spotted with mo and probably just uses him for money to support her child.

  2. well i dotn know why she would (angelika) put such a hostile comment towards someone out of nowhere? its like she wants to hurt someone eh. nevermind if its true or not, why even start it if the other person did nothing to you? its not your fight..

  3. Well whianwamos had it coming!..poor little thing so disgusted of being fat when her consience is not even bothered at all! What a model for very selfish and shallow people, whiawamos!

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