Miss World Philippines Candidate Kaye Michelle Agnes’ X Factor

Kaye Michelle Agnes’ X Factor. She definitely has “it”. If you look at her pictures, one will never doubt that she is very beautiful and sexy. Miss World Philippines Candidate Number 20, Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes is a Bicolana. She hails from Sorsogon.
This 24-year old lass exudes an aura of confidence. Kaye Michelle Agnes is very talented. She is an artist and musically inclined. She is also very observant and cautious. She is a fast learner. She stands at 5 foot 7 inches tall with vital statistics of 32-26-34. Dress size is Small to Medium. Shoe size is 8. Her swimsuit size is small.
Her father is Manuel Peralta Agnes and her mother is Angelita Duran Agnes.
 She is a half-scholar and a consistent Dean’s Lister at Mapua Institute of Technology (Makati City) where she finished BS Nursing.
Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes has worked as a waitress at Restaurant Balthazar (Barcelona, Spain) and as a Receptionist/ Bartender/ Ramp-model at FPW and Editorials in Barcelona, Spain.
 Kaye Michelle Agnes has traveled extensively to Spain, Belgium, France and Tunisia.
She has a modelling contract with 5th Avenue Artist that will expire this year.

Kaye Michelle Agnes loves reading romance fiction books. Her favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks, Tim Harford, Thaler’s and Sunstein.

Kaye Michelle Agnes loves Drama, Comedy,Chick-flick, Thriller, Action and Animation movies. Yes, she loves the likes of Transformers, The Avengers, Pride and Prejudice, Amelie and Finding Nemo. Her favorite stars are Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Jim Carey and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Kaye Michelle Agnes loves sports. She is into tennis, badminton and table tennis. She adores sports hero Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Sharapova and Serena Williams.
Kaye Michelle Agnes favorite artists are the following: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Adele, Michael Jackson.
Kaye Michelle Agnes is multi-talented. Aside from modelling she also sings. She absolutely loves dancing, doodling, abstract drawing, photography, editing, creative writing and she also writes poems.
Kaye Michelle Agnes’ life ambition is to create an impact to the world through traveling and knowing different cultures so that she can be a great mentor someday. At such a young age, she already knows what she wants to do.
Kaye Michelle Agnes believes that beauty in giving can be in many forms: through material things or through knowledge and wisdom for the improvement of an individual or groups of individuals. Generosity is by sharing your wise thoughts and teaching skills to others so that others can create and impact a change, too.
I am wishing you, Kabayan, all the luck in the world as you represent our beloved region to the Miss World Philippines on June 24, 2012. Pray. We know you will shine and make it to the top. Never say never.
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24 thoughts on “Miss World Philippines Candidate Kaye Michelle Agnes’ X Factor

  1. She is really a beauty queen material .we will just see how answer the Q and A portion. Hope if she is not fluent or not comfortable with it, just use an interpreter.

  2. you got what it takes to be MWP 2012 you got the height, the face, the talent, and all…. please be confident enough…..Go for the gold Ms. Kaye.

  3. I actually tweeted a couple of questions for the Ms. World candidates #AskMsWorldPH.. hopefully I get picked so that I would be able to see Kaye Michelle Agnes in person. She already looks like a winner! 🙂

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