BPO Yield Higher Contribution to the Philippine Economy

I have written about the BPO industry in the Philippines several times in the past. Its contribution to the economy and how young people were given an opportunity to find jobs because of BPO.

No one could deny the fact that Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is growing rapidly especially here in our country. Technological and communication advances help realize the wide-spread adoption of BPO, due to their quality and cost improvements. Technology applied in BPO through the adopted software, applications and platform has a substantial long-term impact on the whole process, affecting the quality, cost and associated risks of the operation of outsourced activities.

Technology enhances the value of BPO from perspectives of enabling and leveraging the values of

  • standardization
  • automation
  • integration
  • flexibility 
  • and innovation. 

Here is a quality framework of a BPO service including seven quality dimensions:

  1. reliability
  2. tangibility
  3. conformance
  4. responsiveness
  5. flexibility
  6. assurance
  7. and security

Four quality enablers: 

  1. standardization
  2. integration 
  3. automation
  4. innovation.

$11B / 638K employees = $17,241 injected into the Philippine economy per employee.
$24B / 8M OFWs = $3,000 remitted into the Philippine economy per OFW.

It is clear that BPO gives much much higher contribution per person than OFWs.

As Pinoys, we should focus on our strengths which is not always finding greener pastures abroad. BPO jobs abound in the Philippines today.

3 thoughts on “BPO Yield Higher Contribution to the Philippine Economy

  1. Your post is very timely because if I'm not mistaken, Philippines has already surpassed India in terms of number of BPOs.

    You are also absolutely right in saying that BPO contributes more to a person working as a call center agent that another working as OFW. We all know the starting salary of a call center agent. 🙂

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  2. Such a lot BPO here in the Philippines. This could help the economy grow better.

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