Fun Aqua Pool Party at Manila Ocean Park

We had so much fun yesterday (April 28, 2012) at the Biggest Aqua Pool Party at the Manila Ocean Park (MOP). 
The heat was unbearable the past few days. I thought Metro Manila and most of Luzon might dry up under this unforgiving summer sun! I hope it will not soar up to 37 degrees Celsius. No amount of air conditioning and halo-halo could make me bear the heat.
Just imagine my happiness when I got an invitation from Ia to the Biggest Aqua Pool Party at Manila Ocean Park! Thanks Ia!
It was also the grand launching of Manila Ocean Park (MOP) E-Wrist Tag (a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) with free wifi access), a first here in the country. I feel so privileged to be among the first ones to experience such technology. Here’s how it works: we deposited Php100 for the use of the E-Wrist Tag. Upon activation, it automatically updates your status both on Facebook and Twitter. High tech!
Then we lined up and bought pop corn and hotdog sandwich at the food stall inside Manila Ocean Park. The night started with the spectacular Magical Fountain show of Manila Ocean Park.

After the amazing fountain show, we proceeded to the Liquid Aqua Pool where everyone had fun swimming the summer heat away.

Aqua Pool Party is more fun in the Philippines! More Photos here

15 thoughts on “Fun Aqua Pool Party at Manila Ocean Park

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  2. i brought my nieces and nephews to Ocean Park last weekend, but i was surprised how it has changed since my last visit in 2010! it is now becoming a small version of Hongkong Ocean Park. Too bad there was long line for the tickets and we have limited time so we just went to Star City and availed the kids of the Snow Fun adventures while we played and tried to win huge stuffed toys haha.

  3. Perfect timing!
    I had my 2 siblings taking their summer vacations with me.
    Being as kids, Manila Ocean Park would be perfect.
    I curious to their new attractions,
    asfter all It's been a year since I visited this place.

  4. That's super cool (double meaning right there..hehe)! Did you get to swim in the pool? Anyway, how was the fountain show? My cousin and her kids watched it like a few weeks ago, and they loved it naman. 🙂

  5. Wow. ang ganda! Grabe naman yung na-ICU because of heat stroke. dapat pala talaga properly hydrated parati. tsk. Anyway, I may sound like a user pero wala ko pa napuntahan ang Manila Ocean Park! hehe

  6. If I didn't have work that day, I could have met you in person. XD

    I've been to MOP several times though I havent went in since I need to convince myself and take my family with me. ^_^

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