I am a ruptured brain aneurysm survivor!
And I am not supposed to be mad or stressed out! But I am so fed up with AIR ASIA!
I don’t know why Air Asia staff have biases against aneurysm survivors! Calling the attention of my fellow aneurysm survivors all over the world, please DON’T FLY WITH AIR ASIA!
WHY? Please put yourself on my shoes. Yes, I have had enough of AIR ASIA. They’re inconsiderate %#)?. After what I’ve been through, trying to follow up my credit shell and for abusing the kindness of my Singaporean friend Guanhan just to call Air Asia Singapore so I’ll have my credit shell. We were left with nothing. Only this errors!
Yes the airline had been ignoring my e-mails last year.  If not for my Singaporean friend’s kindness and constant follow up to Air Asia Singapore I will not be given a credit shell. The credit shell was informed to me via a long distance call from Singapore only last January 15, 2012. One day short before my appeal for credit shell turned six months.
I tried using that f($&@)># Credit shell just before the expiration date and it says pending! Great!
Pending even before the expiry date! That’s Bull#$?(!] All I encountered, out of so many tries are this buzz buzz, error messages etc,
This is after so many e-mails, trips to the doctors just to ask for the certificate, Doctor’s professional ID, license, our birth certificate and other supporting documents.
Yes, Air Asia had asked for so many documents as if we were a part of a criminal group and not a survivor of a deadly condition.
To make things clearer, here is my health background. Last year I was operated on RUPTURED BRAIN ANEURYSM and SURVIVED! As expected, I cannot use my plane ticket until my neurosurgeon approve of it. So I had to cancel all my flights. Air Asia don’t do rebooking. You will just be given a credit shell less Fifty Singaporean Dollars for processing and another Twenty four dollars for bank transaction fees.
I sent so many e-mails, tweeted many messages on Twitter, message them on FB and yes even called them on their so called hotline. Someone from Air Asia called me and said her name is Cherry. She called me tonight and announced she’ll send the credit shell extension one moment then changed her mind the next.  Now, should I applaud your erratic behavior Air Asia? Is this how you show you are the airline that cares? Really now?
I am virtually left with nothing. It made me feel like,uhu! why I am being penalized for getting sick?
My poor Singaporean friend’s effort and time went futile lah. I am so sorry friend. What can I do? Air Asia is inconsiderate bordering to barbaric. Is that how Air Asia care?
The original plan was for my brother and I to visit our Singaporean friend in Singapore and he will come with us in Bali, Indonesia. But that would not happen now my friend. Maybe I’ll just try the Manila to Bali Indonesia being offered by our local airlines here in the Philippines. Or maybe you could come and visit us.
Dear readers, why make a fool of yourself ?  Imagine you have to shell out money to ride a taxi for two thousand pesos just to get to Clark Air Base? And if you think and believe that you’re wa-is and decided to take a public transportation then you have to shell out money for your jeepney fare or bus fare to get to the terminal in Pasay and pay around Php 400 to get to Clark via a two hour bus ride?
We, yes you and I, can take our flights from Metro Manila. What with all the promos being offered by our local airlines you might be able to catch a ride for 0 fare! And save yourself  from getting left by the plane.  And shall I add from this kind of treatment?

I hope the politicians penalized these airlines for being so unfair to their passengers. We are a paying passengers for God’s sake!  I hope the one sided transactions of airlines be known by everyone.

I patiently waited for so looooong. NO ONE, answered my e-mail except when I got through live chat after several failed attempts. But then again all I got is a cold answers from Cherry of AIR ASIA. They chose to ignored my case.


  1. Sad to know and got mad at air asia while reading this post…. sana mabasa nila::: never tried air asia flights sobrang hassle pagpunta sa clark,,, ung ibabyahe q dun- effort plus fare katumbas na rin qng mag airphil or cebu pac aq o kahit pal pa

  2. Tsk. Its still best to fly local airlines cha, that way if you encounter problems with them, its less expense and stress on your part since you can easily charged to their office and demand action right away. Let's booo Air Asia!

  3. Hey Cha! My dad suffered a brain aneurysm too, sadly he didn't make it — but I can relate with your on that matter. As for Air Asia, I haven't tried their airline yet. They may have been offering low fares, but the long commute to clark is still much of hassle to me. And with regards to your credit shell situation, I hope that someone from Air Asia reads/hears about your prolonged dilemma. Tony Fernandez, the CEO, would surely not allow such treatment if he knew about this.

  4. oh so sorry to hear about your brain aneurysm Ms.Cha(and happy you had a successful operation! yippeee!!)and sorry about this super bad treatment by Air Asia. If I were you I would write them a strongly worded demand letter and get this post viral at least…I hope everything works out fine my dear!!

  5. sad from your experience with Air Asia, i had one too in Air Phil on our last trip to Boracay (i opted not to refund or reroute bec of too much requirements) but on your case they should be more sensitive and open…

  6. I'm so sorry you had to go through this achie.. 🙁 I thought airlines compete through being considerate and kind to gain more patrons.. But I guess it's not the case with Air Asia.. >.<

  7. sad to hear about your nasty experience. i agree they need a lot of improvement on the customer service side if you need to revise your booking.

    but so far i've only had good experiences with Air Asia. and my recent flight which was canceled, was refunded back to my credit card without any hassle.

  8. Glad your fine and I am sorry to hear about your ordeal with Air Asia we have no problem with them yet. Anyway most airline companies are like that when it comes to refund, I have the same problem too with one airline company it took me so long before I can refund my ticket.

  9. If you are following my blog so intently, like you do now, you would have noticed how I praise Air Asia on my international trips before. This incident that happened quite recently between you and me is recorded so if you want I could e-mail Air Asia right now and let you listen to the conversation that took place between you and me:-)

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