Everybody is abuzz with speculations about the true sexual orientation of international singing superstar Charice Pempengco. This is after her huge transformation last month when she sported a short blond hair and a tattoo on her arm which shocked her fans all over the globe! Charice surprised everyone with her revealing status on twitter and instagram which suggests that she may be leaning on being a lesbian. Read on..

“I am weird. I love everybody. Again, I amโ€ฆ.Gwapito :D,” Charice has posted this status in her Instagram account.

And here is Charice Pempengco’s official twitter account.

I’m in love with my work. Love music. I love my family, i love everyone. & I’m gwapito (handsome). hahaha!!!
Express yourself. No matter what, may mga taong magagalit (No matter what, some people will get angry). You can’t live your life for other people. Be happy.:)
There are persistent rumors that Charice is rebelling against her mother and that she has a secret relationship with her American personal assistant.
What do you guys think?  Is Charice confirming anything here?


  1. Wow! She had that on her account forever, even before she cut her hair short. She has the right like all of us to express herself in any way she likes. What bothers me is that too many people are trying so hard to discredit this young lady for all the hard work she has done to up lift her family's life and to bring pride to her country. Also why not pay more attention to all the charity work she has done and still doing. Anyway, people could speculate all they want, the bottom line is, Charice is already up there with the Hollywood's elite and the more people tries to pull her down, the more blessings she gets from God. God will always give his blessings to those who are deserving.

  2. Rumors, gossips are always there once you get so famous and fly by all of the wannabees behind you in the dust. This is just another testament that Charice has really gone too big for Filipinos to understand. Hollywood is so much at ease with the way she looks, she's actually looks more Hollywood now than ever before. Americans already know she's Asian, she doesn't need to look Asian. You adapt to the ways where you live, not the other way around. Only the dull witted wouldn't understand this.

  3. wg npo nten ijudge ung isang tao kng ano man po ang mging pagbabgo nya.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Godbless po.. stay healty msaya po c LORD pra sau:)
    CHARICE ๐Ÿ™‚ kng san kpo msaya dun ka remember life is too short..!


  4. Charice, I'm a huge fan of yours just believe in yourself and stay focus to your career, whatever your choosen style i'll still be your fan. Just ignore negative comments threat them as your opportunities to improve.. love you more..

  5. just look behind the curtain she still the Charice that we've known let us cherise and love her because of what that she made for our country because of her talents many Pilipino were discovered and foreign musicians scouted seriously just like what happend to Arnel Pineda..instead of critisizing of her looks let us love and value her accomplishments….She will just come to us once in a lifetime, god gave her to her what she is right now…

  6. I could not agree with you more. There is only one "Charice" in our lifetime and she is will only be with us once. If you don't appreciate her now, it is your lose but if you do, you can journey in this life in lighter baggage becuase her music and her presence in your heart will soathe you souls. Dod you believe in Karma? Just be happy with the achievements of others and share those happines to others. Bing from Sydney

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