How to get your PhilHealth number

Individuals who had worked in the Philippines either in a public or private company and whose employer has deducted PhilHealth contribution from their salary, is possibly already a PhilHealth member and have their own membership number.

This Philhealth number will be your lifetime number even if your membership category has changed.

This Philhealth number shall be permanent and must be used in all your transactions with Philhealth.

For you to know your PhilHealth number, you need to inform Philhealth of your complete name as in your first name, middle name, last name and date of birth through telephone number (632) 6373754 or text to 0918-9635396 or e-mail to for proper verification of your record.

Another method is for you to visit any PhilHealth offices nationwide and ask them directly what your PhilHealth number is. 

Good luck! Happy day everyone!

5 thoughts on “How to get your PhilHealth number

  1. Good day.. i juzt want to know if what are the benefits and who are entitled in using my philhealth?? thanks and Godbless

  2. You posted a mobile number yet, you do not really used it to reply when someone is texting you matters about philhealth querries. What is the used of posting such a dull number.?

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