Upon the invitation of a fellow blogger, we visited the Best Food Forward fair this March 2012. It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived at the event being held at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City. It was a good thing that we have an umbrella with us in the car or else we will be soaking wet.

After we showed our tickets (courtesy of Richard Co of Tales from the Tummy; thank you so much Richard and Irene!), the receptionist asked us to fill up a survey form which they said will be included in the raffle. Then off we went inside the tent and began our food exploration.


Inside, Chicken Delish is one of the stalls that caught my attention. It has an attractive poster that is not only eye catching but also very colorful. Chicken Delish sells fried chicken twice fried and coated in tasty sauces that enhance the taste of the fried chicken.

Annalyn Jusay Zoglmann and her husband own Chicken Delish. Manning the booth of Chicken Delish is Annalyn Jusay Zoglmann’s better half. He said Chicken Delish started with their passion for eating. 
 I was given 4 yummy sauce choices by Annalyn’s husband. I got to taste four sauce varieties:
  • Korean
  • Pinoy Bbq
  • Sriracha
  • Soy and Garlic flavor
I used different dip sticks to taste each of the 4 sauce flavors. And boy, I was bowled over by the delicious sauces!
The Korean Barbecue sauce is my favorite. So I chose Korean Barbecue Sauce for my chicken. The cost is P90 for Four-piece chicken wings while P120 for two-piece drumsticks. Imagine? You are certainly getting more than what you paid for!
These are the Korean Barbecue flavored chicken pieces served by Annalyn’s husband. He personally deep-fried again the fried chicken pieces until they turned golden brown. He then coated the Fried Chickens with Korean Barbecue sauce and sprinkled sesame seeds on top of each chicken piece as a final touch. This is very delicious! I super like this. I wonder how he cooked the chicken pieces into near perfection. You see, he fried the chicken pieces into flaky and crunchy crusts that don’t sag when the sauce were applied.

 You could buy the sauce in this special bottle for only Php 150.00

Verdict: Chicken Delish Korean Barbecue Flavored Chicken is a must try! It is absolutely delicious. I love good finger food! 
This restaurant is waiting to be discovered! You’ll definitely love Chicken Delish. I am sure you’ll enjoy its fantastic tasting chicken dishes as much as I did. So what are you waiting for?

According to the owners, whether you want to dine-in or take-out, you could drop by there location at their stand alone store location @ Caltex Gas Station, Dona Soledad Avenue, Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque City.


27 thoughts on “CHICKEN DELISH

  1. Although I haven't tried this food establishment, your description of Chicken Delish's fried chicken made me compare it to Bonchon's or 4 Fingers.. But I'm sure it still has a distinct taste to it, despite the korean flavor.

  2. What I love about food fairs is that you can sample the food products before buying. Hehehe! Good thing you discovered this and satisfied your palate!

  3. I'm torn between Hot Import Nights and this one so attended the former. XD

    I hope their BFF won't coincide with carshows so I could also try their food there. Ang hirap kasi mamili sa dalawa 😀

  4. I really missed a lot of stuff from the best food forward sigh

    Anyway I'm a big fan of twice fried chicken! and this is inexpensive! Which is great, unfortunately I don't think I can go all the way to the south anytime soon.

  5. I love wings. As if the chicken itself does not look appetizing enough, the place even has wonderful looking (and possibly wonderful tasting) dips. Isang malaking KAINGGIT!

  6. Nyuuuuuuum! How does that Sriracha sauce taste like? It's my first time to encounter that. And yes, I agree, this is worth the price just by the looks of it! 🙂

  7. Chicken! I got used to be addicted with chicken but my doctor told me to avoid it…must eat veges and fish…

    Its been a long time that I didn't have a bite of it. My favorite part is wings ^^

    Everyday more restaurant are being born and along with them are new recipes came to exists and the sad thing about it is that I don't have the chance of tasting all of them, now that makes me sad!

    While looking at the sauces and imaging how you describe it–makes me hungry! Damn with this tummy…

    Anyway, I am your blog follower so any update I am sure I will get updated…

    Alex 🙂

  8. I was also supposed to visit BFF and try Chicken Delish. Too bad I had been sick that time.. >.< Anyway, I'll try Chicken Delish the next time I see it on Mercato 😀

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