38 thoughts on “EARTH HOUR 2012

  1. This is indeed a very clever idea and glad the Philippines is among those countries which actively participates the most 🙂 However, we will not be joining this in the hospital because we can not afford to kill our patients LOL!!! 😉

  2. This is the 2nd year that we have participated in this event. It feels good, knowing that with just a little effort we get to do something for mother earth.

  3. Earth Hour is one way to show that we still care for the environment. However, I don't think it gives so much impact to the environment. Still I believe that each household should still practice conservation in our daily grind. Yes, this is earth hour is effective but it would be more meaningful if we do it everyday…not just during earth hour.

  4. We have not been able to participate in any Earth Hour, we missed it this year again, like in the past years.

    My daughter, 12 y.o. reminded me about it a week before, and I am ashamed to admit I forgot!

    But I can say, we practice mindfulness for the Nature and our environment as a whole the rest of the year, in every way we can.

    Earth hour is I think important in a way of having a feeling of solidarity with everyone in the planet. 🙂

  5. di ko pa natry to hahaha… i guess 8 nasa byahe pa ko pauwi neto.. anyway simple things are better for me.. plastics on the recycle bins.. dont throw things just anywhere you want, save water, save electricity even though meralco is wasting it (hahaha).. and a lots more..

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