Fountain International School offers scholarship to deserving graduating grade 6 students from public and private schools.
Schedules for Qualifying Exams:
February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2012
9:30 a.m. to 12 noon
Copy of latest Grade 6 Report Card
Recommendation letter from the Principal
Brief Background of the Internation School:
Fountain International School upholds ICAD’s commitment to contribute to the holistic development of the youth within the context of national and global realities. The school will strive towards the following goals:

Develop students to be active leaders who are well-rounded individuals, dignified in manner and behavior because the have self-respect and are respectful to others. This is indicted by the following characteristics:

  • reflective and equipped with life skills in that they are socially adept in their inter/intra-personal (communication, conflict resolution/peace building skills) and are sensitive to their environment
  •  equipped with scholastic skills and tools as manifested by their capacity for critical thinking
  •  socially responsible, civic-minded and with a sense of citizenship and love of country
  •  down-to-earth and street smart because they are flexible and versatile, able to adjust, and learns from different situations and experiences
  •  action oriented as they show courage and willingness to take responsibility for their own personal and social environment because they have analyzed the problem, identified options for problem solving, and arrive at their own/analysis
  •  spiritually grounded and inspired by their relationship with God
Location:                                                                  GRADE SCHOOL
                          #14 Annapolis St. North East Greenhills San Juan – Metro MANILA
                                                      TEL: (02)724 21 77 / 744 31 58
#1 Government Center, Santolan Road, San Juan – Metro MANILA
TEL: (02)723 73 07/ 723 73 08


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