KC Concepcion in a daring photograph for the January-February 2012 issue of Rogue. Photo by Marc Nicdao provided by Rogue.

Photographer for the shoot: Marc Nicdao.
Stylist: Pam Quinones
Makeup: Juan Sarte
Excerpt from KC’s TV interview with abs-cbn :

“Well, I wanna thank the Rogue team and, of course, my beloved Marc Nicdao, Celeste Tuviera, Pam Quinones and Juan Sarte for being a part of my journey,”  

 “I thanked the team for their kind understanding”

“Sa lahat ng naging mistakes ko, parang sinakyan nila lahat. Ni-ride nila yung journey ko. ‘Yung alon na ‘yon, parang sila ‘yung kasabay kong sumakay sa alon na ‘yon,” she explained.

What was your inspiration for your stunning Rogue cover photo?

“Feelings, emotions.”

The photo shoot was held at the height of her controversial break-up with actor Piolo Pascual.
Most internet users freely add one plus one on the actress’ decision to do a sexy pictorial with her recent heartbreak.

Twitter excerpts:
Jen Jurilla Aquino tweeted :
“Now this is how to bounce back after a horrible break up! Props to KC!”
David Milan said :

“Off with his head” probably best describes KC Concepcion’s Rogue cover. And that ass… Wow,”.

Donna said:
“Danggg! #RogueJanFeb2012 Ms. @kc_concepcion Way to start Rogue’s New Year, talk about Man Slayer-literally! #WomenEmpowerment,”

Concepcion’s showbiz friends also chimed in with their congratulations. 

Anne Curtis tweeted:
“Reeeow! Sexeeeeh!”.

Bianca Gonzalez said:
“nicely done!!”

Director Yam Laranes said:
 “@marknicdao love KC’s cover! Very very sexy cool :-)”

On Twitter, Nicdao said:
 “During the shoot I saw genuine happiness and contentment from Kc. she’s moved on:-) one of our bravest shoot.:-)”
Nicdao said in another tweet:

“The photos inside you’ll see the new and improved stronger Kc:-) a new year indeed. The article is a Must Read,”

For the fans

At the moment, Concepcion said she gets inspiration from her fans.

“Sa ngayon, kinikilig ako sa mga fans at kinikilig ako sa trabahong meron tayo ngayon,”

“Now, I know what it means to make your work your love life”

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  1. Ang ladies talaga halatang halata pag broken hearted and ready to move on we do things like this. And announcing to the world that she's ready to move forward! Hooray to KC! And she looks so good! For sure she'll find her prince in no time (sana ako din) wahahaha ;-))

  2. I love this!!! Marc Nicdao is such an amazing photographer. Just the right amount of sexiness, hindi bastusin. She'll find the right man for her eventually.

  3. You had a major major meltdown on national tv simply because Piolo wasn't able to give you "the very basic thing a woman needs in a man" and so now, guess what? Viola! you're posing ala basic instinct instead. Both still didn't illicit an iota attention from Piolo. Tsk.. tsk..

    porkchop's kepper

  4. given a chance that il have, il marry you KC n be the Queen of my kingdom n il asure ul be happy for the rest of your life…………………………………….

  5. ate kc,… hope mkita k0 p0 kau..!!!!
    grabe,… s0 much like p0 kta…super!!! ^_^
    hope&pray na sna,.. ur always in a good health..
    GOD bless p0,… take a lot of care din p0….

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