Last Sunday, January 15, 2012, my friend and I went to TriNoma mall and ate at Cyma (pronunced as “see mah”).
Charboiled Cyma Lamb Chops served with Greek roasted potatoes.
My friend and I shared my favorite Roka Salata salad! I love the contrasting taste of bitter arugula with sweet candied walnuts, tangy vinaigrette and salty Parmesan cheese. For me, it tastes like heaven! I can still taste its goodness. Oh! My saliva is dripping again. Ha ha ha!
I ordered half slab of baby back ribs with rice stuffed pepper  
 My friend had Cyma Lamb Chops dish (Loin Rock Chop) with rice stuffed pepper.
 Yemistes is rice stuffed peppers and tomatoes with pine nuts, sultanas and braised potatoes

 My favorite unlimited iced tea

My friend and I love this mint jelly mixed with either the lamb or the pork baby ribs! It can remove “Umay” and the “lansa” of the lamb.

 The very friendly staff of Cyma Trinoma

Verdict: Expensive but worth it. Food tastes good. With Cyma, you get what you paid for. We will definitely dine again. It is highly recommended.

Address: Level 4, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

Business Hours: Daily 11am to mall closing hours

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. My friend and I simply love food. Thank you.

65 thoughts on “CYMA

  1. Wow! Everything you guys ordered looks so good. I've only been to Cyma once and although I love the food, my bf doesn't dig it. Hope I can find a food buddy I can bring when I return to Cyma.. 🙂

  2. It looks devilicious! hahaha. Malapit lang ako sa trinoma pero di pa ko nakakapasok dito. I will try this weekend.The ambiance looks great. Now let's talk about value for money? affordable ba dito?

  3. Please, please try Greko at Makati Med. It's way better than Cyma. It looks rundown nga lang but if you loved CYMA, you will love Greko more.

  4. I'll go for the salads. The main course looks very heavy in my belly. Mint is perfect for lamb. I always have mint when I cook lamb. I fancy to visit there one day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. and i'm drooling!!! and it's all your fault!! 😉 love food so much, and it's something I have in common with all my friends we always love to go "food tripping"..I hope we can try this place soon… 😉

  6. Yummy!!! Is the price ok? Other resto are expensive but the food is average.
    Another topic, I read an article in CebPac Magazine about traveling to Bohol for 3 days (am I right?) on a budget. Did you write that article? I wanted a copy as a guide when we visit Bohol but I forgot to take Smile magzine out. Sorry, poor memory!

  7. Manong iskrambol hindi po mapanghi ang lamb sa Cyma lalo na pag nilagyan ninyo ng Mint Jelly. Kayang kaya mo po yun presyo. Yun pong half slab ng Pork Baby ribs na inorder ko ay nagkakahalaga ng P 650.00 plus service charge and 12% VAT.

  8. first things first, i love the effort you put in your photos, high quality!

    once palang ako nakakain sa cyma because a friend of mine works there, in atc branch,.yun pasta nila panalo..hehe..good for sharing!

    mukhang masarap i-try yun roast lamb..mmmmm…

    also, mahilig kasi ako sa drinks, yun iced tea nila hindi yun typical na powdered, they manually squeeze fruits, my friend told me…

    all in all, this posts rocks!

    keep on posting for more! hehe!

    Happy food trip!

  9. I love Cyma! I went to that particular branch once with my friend and enjoyed my meal very much. I agree about the staff being very friendly! This post reminds me to go back there and eat some more. LOVE YOUR PHOTOS, BTW! 🙂

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