It is almost a year now since my operation. I hope you were able to read my March 21, 2011 entry on my blog

That was the first time I revealed to the world that I cannot walk or see from my left eye. I joined a Nuffnang contest and lost with that piece. But I know I am very lucky to be alive. And I guess that is enough to be thankful to God.

I should have removed the ads of nuffnang there so you would understand my story better. Some readers mistook the story to be a fable or fantasy story for the ads. For those who doubt my story you could check my medical records at UST hospital and with my neurosurgeon @ Makati Medical Center. If you want, I’ll give you an authorization to verify my medical records. You could even see all my CT-scans and MRIs. Why are some people like that? I never ask you for anything. Not a single centavo. My family paid for my treatment and still has debts because of that operation and my continuing treatment. We paid more than a million pesos. But no amount of money could ever buy life.

I was leading a very active lifestyle before I had ruptured brain aneurysm. I was living the life- travels, photo walks, meeting new friends in far flung places, airplane rides, bus rides, jeepney rides. Then suddenly my life changed. Never did it occur to me that I would be bed-bound and be partially blind for some time.

So be grateful. You are lucky you are alive! Not everyone can breath the same air you breath. The simple task of sitting down and standing up without pain is enough reason to be thankful and be happy! 
I escaped death by a hairline in 2011. I am recuperating at the moment. For a while, I had difficulty sitting down and standing up on my own. I was in bed for four months. I remember what a refreshing day it was when I finally had taken a bath inside the bathroom. See, taking a bath in the comfort of your bathroom is something to be thankful for!

It’s almost a year now. I will be celebrating one year in the confines of my room.  I still can’t fully see from my left eye. But I can walk now. I’ve undergone physical therapy through the help of my therapists and Rehabilitation Doctor. 

I never knew that walking and sitting could be such a pain. You must be thankful you can sit and stand without pain for there are many people out there who can’t even sit or stand on their own.

The day I had my first bath inside the bathroom itself is heaven for me. Why? Because I spent four months of my life with bed bath. It was dangerous for me to take a bath alone, much less to stand for so long because I always faint during the early part of my recovery.

I am thankful to all my friends who offered not only monetary help but also support and lots of care and love. Thank you from the buttom of my heart. You know exactly who you are people. I am forever grateful. Hugz! May God bless you more.

Some people has misjudged my cry for help when we were still in dire need.  My heart was broken when the very person I once considered my best friend for years turned her back on me and even deleted me from her facebook account.

She could have easily told me she doesn’t want to help me period and that would be okay. But to turn her back completely is the worst thing one could ever done to a friend who loves her like a sister. Hindi ka na nga nakatulong nanakit ka pa ng damdamin. Bakit ano ang kasalanan ko? 

You know who you are. I’ve never done anything wrong. Is it a crime now to ask for help when you are in dire need?  She persecuted me for asking for help. She punished me. Being in a rich country may have answered all her dreams. So she doesn’t need a friend who in the past never ever asked for anything except that one time when she was in dire need. I just hope one day you would not experience back how you treated me. I still love you like a sister.

To those people who don’t understand what I’ve gone through I just hope and pray God would not let you experience the same fate. For I would not wish the same experience to happen even to my worst enemy.  May God bless your heart for you do not know what you are doing.

I am thankful that in spite of what happened to me, my brother is always with me. Because of him I have continued to find a way to live. I love you brother. I hope and pray that you would stay by my side forever but I know someday soon you will have your own family. I hope when that time comes I am fully recovered so I can again travel and find my place in the sun or who knows have my own family too. I am forever grateful.


  1. there's a great reason behind it. i'm happy you are a survivor. i'm sure God wants to instill a deeper realization within you – that you can be an instrument to bring or to influence people with so many good things on earth.

    continue to be a blessing cha!

  2. I never question or have a little doubt on your personal account of your survival of death-threatening brain aneurysm. Never mind those who are dubious for they're looking after for the faults of their fellow beings. Be of good cheer and thankful that you've survived.

  3. God is really good, I also remember when I almost die because of severe dehydration from food poisoning…

    HE gave us the second life and your experience surviving brain aneurysm isn't ordinary, Divine intervention really did exist.

  4. I had a very tough realization! It did not occur to me that the simple standing up and sitting down is a great blessing! Thanks for making me realized that! God bless!

  5. I didn't know you have gone through these experiences last year….the good thing is, you were able to survive.praise God for that. You can always start a new beginning and look forward for a positive life.

  6. This is a heart breaking story, Cha. I pray that you recover fully and live life like before. Don't care about what other people will tell you. You have your family who understands and loves you unconditionally. God bless!

  7. No matter how bad our situation in this world is, there are still a lot of things to be thankful for. It's your second life. Use it to inspire others. Bless you.

  8. u are a living proof that miracles still happen…for those people who turned their backs on u, let them be for one day they will realize their faults…

  9. you need not prove to people whether your story is true…what matters is that you have shared a piece of yourself that you know is true and believe can help change lives. Never mind those who doubt your story. just look at it this way–even the most inspiring fictions in history are actually loved by many and have touched lives (and these are mostly based on someone's experiences).

    you are touching lives by your story that's what's important!

    and with regards to your friend, well, i know it's hard but i pray you recover from your heartache as well. at the end of the day the people that have caused you pain are the same people you'll be thanking in the future for what they did forced you to let loose the strengths you never thought you had…they are making you appreciate more those people who have stayed by your side during your hardest times.

    God bless you more dear Cha! continue to inspire… <3

  10. I read your post slowly and while eating dinner.My children are all sleeping so i have all the time to read it.a very touching story and a miracle indeed.God gave you a second chance to live for puropse and you will know it in time.God Bless you .I will pray for yuor full recovery.

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