Pinay Singing Sensation Charice Pempengco is the January 2012 cover of Preview Magazine. This issue reveals the journey of Charice to stardom and her plans for 2012 including new projects both local and international.

Look at the transformation! The first time I saw this preview magazine cover of Charice I thought she was Angelina Jolie or Maja Salvador

 Charice hairstyle with straight bangs.
 Netizens reactions
The BOLD NEW FASHION issue talks about the right Hair Color for you this 2012 and a lot of latest fashion and beauty tips.

 OMG! Charice look so fabulous ! She is astonishing in this Preview cover!


  1. I dunno what to say! Hahaha. I am not really a fan of Charice. She's good but may something off akong nararamdaman sa kanya. Lol. She looks good on the cover. Siguro nga retoke. 🙂

  2. I'm very proud of her, though there scoffs and scorns of her getting into the pedestal of success. She's talented. She's one of a kind. I love the way she sings. Being featured in the cover of Preview magazine, I couldn't believe the she's on the cover. Her countenance was made over. Anyway whatever it is, I'm still proud of her. Go, go Charice!

  3. edited or not, it's just the (bad) nature of us, people, to note the negative… to bring out what's bad…

    it's an art so basically we all know that indeed it was enhanced… every one who pose for mags undergo digital surgeries naman. sana admit na lang ng mag.

  4. Noks as a photographer do you think you'll come up with the same result without using photoshop? But I am happy for Charice. She looks fabulous! It means those pretty cover girl in mens and women magazine are a product of photoshop too.

  5. okay, ayoko na lang dumagdag on the part on how it's being done.

    looking at the top pic, akala ko naman si Maria ng Maria la del Barrio, hehe.

    In fairness to Charice, I think she deserve every inch of success she is enjoying right now.

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