We traveled more than an hour just to reach Lugang Cafe located at 115 Connecticut St. Northeast Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.

Telephone # 775-7599 . 570-9011 . 09176992254

 According to my friend, Lugang Cafe has private dining rooms and has an outdoor patio at the third floor which is great for private parties.
My friend has been raving about Lugang Cafe since it opened in November 2010.
Lugang, pronounced as “Lu-Kang”, is a franchise from Shanghai, China.
We were greeted by a receptionist @ the entrance
  The ambiance is very cheerful and bright.
 They have very sleek interiors and doors.

 This is where they prepare the food.

Lugang Cafe’s xiao long bao is comparable to that of the restaurant I’ve tried in Shanghai. I really miss the food in Shanghai and it is good to know that I can eat xiao long bao in my own homeland.

The food is so yummy at Lugang Cafe. They make for a complete dining experience. Two thumbs-up for ambiance, cleanliness and taste.

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