Have you ever wondered how it is to celebrate the holiday season with Santa Claus in the North Pole?  

When I was younger I used to write Santa Claus in his North Pole address. 

Year after year, I diligently wrote Santa and every year I was disappointed because Santa don’t answer my letter.  

My mom and dad said it was because there are millions of children in the world and Santa can’t answer us all. So I tried to understand Santa I said to myself Santa Claus must be  very busy preparing gifts for good little girls and boys that’s why letter writing is the least of his worries.

 Frosty the snowman with the author.
 The superstar of my life my ever loyal kuya!

We had an opportunity to experience North Pole in one of our trip when we decided to drop by the much talked about North Pole Adventure @ SM City North Edsa~!


  1. haha – that same story has been fooling us kids in ages πŸ™‚ i really used to believe and get disappointed during Santa's failure to visit us on Christmas…

    Great photos by the way…

  2. I was more disappointed that than you. My family was poor. It's my wish to have a toys of my own every Christmas day. But everytime Christmas day comes I got no toys which I used to list them down in a piece of paper and put it inside a sock and hanged it on the window. But yet I still keep on wishing that Santa Claus would come and grant my wishes. When I grew up and learned the facts and farce of Christmas and Santa, I did appreciate my parents explanations before that Santa always came when every boy and girl were asleep. Only mothers are aware or awake everytime Santa came. I miss my loving mother and ever supprotive father. They're dead now!

  3. i never think of Santa when I was young .I don't know if i believe in him or not,its just that I don't like to ask toys from far as i remember I grew up without any toy or if i have any ,i forgot all about it.

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