Goodbye Paputok! A DOH advocacy

“Goodbye Paputok!”  is the Department of Health’s (DOH) campaign slogan against the use of firecrackers this new year. 

DOH introduced what it called “the safest firecracker” ever produced. Wrapped in a triangle-shaped paper, reminiscent of the five-star firecracker is a compact-disc containing various sounds of firecrackers. You could play it over your dvd/cd system this coming New Year. 
The APIR Campaign stresses the following safety reminders:
1. Mapanganib ang paggamit ng paputok
2. Lahat ng paputok ay bawal sa mga bata
3. Umiwas sa mga taong nagpapaputok
4. Huwag mamulot ng mga di sumabog na paputok
5. Magpagamot kaagad kapag naputukan.
The DOH urged the audience to act as agents in advocating the safer way of celebrating the New Year by promoting and participating in community fireworks display and street party instead of using dangerous firecrackers.
The DOH wants Filipinos, especially the children, to usher in the new year with their fingers and other body parts intact, thus the campaign.


Goodbye Paputok CD  MP3 files can be downloaded from the website of Department of Health  for FREE!

On their page, just look for the “Download Safest Firecrackers Experience” link at the upper right. 

You can also go directly to their Safe Firecracker website at

Happy New Year everyone keep safe!!!
Iwasan magpa putok~!

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