Malacanan Answered for Pnoy about the PSG Party

Malacanan said that even if the president was at the party,  the President made sure all rescue and humanitarian efforts were in place.

Malacanan said the PSG party have already been earlier scheduled and the party was already paid for so it was impractical to cancel it. 
The backlash is understandable. But let us be reminded that agencies are still doing their jobs.
Malacanan said the President has also canceled the Christmas party for Cabinet members initially set Monday night and the funds will instead be sent for relief efforts.

He noted that members of the Cabinet will also be donating money from their own pockets.

Aquino is set to visit typhoon-hit areas on Tuesday.

Media reported that over 650 people have been confirmed dead while 800 are still missing in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro and in other areas in Southern and Central Mindanao, as “Sendong’  whipped the areas Saturday night.

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