The change that I want for 2012 is for government to provide motorcycle and biking lanes in Metro Manila just like in China. 

When I went to China last year,  I was amazed how the Chinese has the freedom to go wherever they want to go safely. 
Maybe you heard how many hundreds of motorists died in accidents in Metro Manila alone just because of the lack of proper lanes for two-wheeled vehicles. Almost always said vehicles are sideswiped by large four-wheeled vehicles. 
My new found Chinese friend even rented a bike to roam around in Hangzhou (Eastern China). She is from Sichuan province (Southwest part of China) and it is also her first time to visit Hangzhou, China. Have I not scheduled my flight to Shanghai, I would also have rented a motor bike or a bike too.
In Ayutthaya, Thailand, my brother and I had fun biking around to the different sites. Together with other foreigners, we rode our bikes the whole day. It is a better medium of transportation. I hate tuk-tuks (auto rickshaws). I think some tuktuk drivers are part of a syndicate and always overcharge tourists.

How about you? What change do you want for 2012?

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